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November 05 2014

ABC schedules 'Agents of SHIELD' fall finale date for December 9th. They have also announced that Agent Carter will start on January 6th, with AoS returning on March 3rd. Both will keep airing on the current 9pm timeslot.

March? Geez. Bet the December cliffhanger is amazing.
Wonder if the fall cliffhanger will be anyway related to the rumored "I"-word, and if that relates in anyway with that recent tweet from Clark.
@Numfar - do you mean inhumans?

I wonder if that is related to Chloe's tweet about her exciting stuff. Oh, dear. I am worried already. =(
Didn't we always know it would be March since there are 8 episodes of Agent Carter and the earliest it could go would be the 1st week of January? The only question in my mind was whether we would get an ep of AoS on 12/16 or not. And this answers that question.
Does this mean we're getting eleven episodes in the first half of the season, or will there be another off-week before December?
It won't air on November 25th. That is a good thing because regular viewing that week in the US is usually incredibly low due to traveling for Thanksgiving on the 27th. ABC is airing the 2 hour "Dancing with the people no one has ever heard of" finale that night.

So 10 eps of AoS, then 3 weeks off for winter holidays, then 8 straight weeks of Agent Carter followed by 12 straight weeks of AoS ending on May 19th is my educated guess.

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That makes sense. If it's an uninterrupted run for the second half of the season, Age of Ultron will premiere between episodes 19 and 20.
There is a major problem with this spring schedule. Unless you 1) drop down to 7 eps or 2) schedule a twofer or 3) a time slot/day
change of some sort this won't work. There are only 8 Tuesdays between Jan 6th and Feb 24th and you lose one of those to the
State of the Union. If in fact this is the plan then the way that makes most sense to me is to run AC at 8 instead of 9 just before the
State of the Union address.

I hope they do do this (# 3) since otherwise the AoS season finale would air after May Sweeps is over.

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Are we going to discuss Agent Carter here, or will it only be AoS? If we aren't discussing AC here, anyone want to have a regular discussion running elsewhere on Tuesdays?
Ha! We could make an INsufficiently WHEDONesque FB group to follow those projects that are too far on the Whedon periphery to merit their inclusion here.
2+ month midseason breaks are one of the stupider things the US TV networks have invented in recent years.
We could make an INsufficiently WHEDONesque FB group

Or, alternatively, is available!
I second the vote for

1) Tara Butters & Michele Fazekas (who were the showrunners of Dollhouse: Season 2) are the showrunners.

2) Enver Gjokaj (who played Victor on Dollhouse) is a main cast member.

3) Firefly writer/executive story editor Jose Molina (who wrote Ariel and co-wrote Trash) is a member of the writing staff.

And we have Steven S. DeKnight's Daredevil featuring Drew Goddard coming in May.

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2+ month midseason breaks are one of the stupider things the US TV networks have invented in recent years.

Bad Karma

Yeah, but it gives AoS a chance to film a bunch of episodes during the break, so we don't get the one week on, two weeks off thing happening. Plus, Agent Carter seems like a good, related substitute during that gap.

I went to another site that has AoS and Agent Carter discussions, but I fear we will lose our crew of smart asses for those two months.
Are people here on Twitter? Could the conversation move there?
I totally forgot about the SotU speech, JDL. Maybe a 2 hour finale or premiere is in the works. Or the 8pm hour on Jan 20th. You're right that would work too but might be a huge headache for viewers and not worth the risk.
That's interesting IrrationaliTV. Not knowing any better I would have thought if they were going to do a 2 hour finale or premiere
that the 8 p.m. slot would be more attractive than the 10 p.m. slot. Especially since the comedies at 8 are not doing well it would appear.
It's probably been thought of, but one Agent Carter discussion thread that can be pinned to the side for its run might be the easiest workaround? I'm so excited by all the Marvel content this season. It's the complete opposite to the emptyness and abrupt breaks last year.

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