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November 08 2014

Out now - Serenity: Leaves on the Wind Hardcover. This volume collects the six-issue miniseries set after the events of Serenity, and the 2012 Free Comic Book Day story.

I bought it at my local comicbook store on Wednesday.

I felt the overall story was good. I loved that we saw both both "bobby fed" and Chiwetel Ejifor (he so should have been cast as Black Panther). They were two of my favorite parts of Firefly/Serenity. I liked that we met more "Rivers".

While Zack Whedon was able to capture the feel of Firefly/Serenity in both his USA Today comic and on the free comic book day comic I don't feel that he did so in the overall hardcover.

This is mainly because in Firefly the characters never directly said what they meant and if they did they would also mean at least something else by what they said. Zoe is far to plain spoken in this series. I wish we had spent more time with Zoe in that prison, find out who her captors were, find out that she is tougher than Wash and the Captain with Niska, stuff like that. She is usually the most guarded of all the characters. Jubal Early would speaking in knowing poetic riddles. Here he just repeats some of his clever dialogue he had said in the Firefly series. I loved that Kayleigh got revenge on Early but I wish the comic spent more time with them and that she would have expressed more of her feelings. After losing Shepard Book and Wash and getting together with Simon she might have changed a bit of her social philosophy on dealing with people. Mostly I didn't really get a sense of what the new characters are adding to the verse so far. Hopefully that will be fleshed out in feature issues.

This book left me wanting more in the ways described above but also in the good sense of I can't wait to see how the search for more "Rivers" plays out.
Agreed with all your points, although I'm not that disappointed. There are very few writers in the comic 'verse that have truly captured the tone of any of the shows, and that includes some of the actual show writers. It takes knowing comics and understanding the shows in equal measure. Joss himself, Brian Lynch, and Christos Gage have made me literally hear the characters' voices in my head. Rebekah Isaacs, Karl Moline, and Fabio Moon have been the artists (apart from John Cassaday's work on Astonishing X-men) to best capture the timing and the facial expressions to my mind. Everyone else, I feel like I have to correct it a bit in my mind and do a little more work to imagine the characters I know too well doing or saying whatever it is.
I felt the art in this edition was closest to the real life people thsn any other edition. It is very hard to do ths over so many pages but I feel thud edition was successful.

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