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"I told you, it's 'Xander' or 'Sergeant Fury'."
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November 10 2014

23 one-season TV wonders. You can probably guess which Whedon show made this EW list.

Nice list, although imo it is missing something ...strange.
I only read a few of the ones that interested me but it seems as if the list maker isn't as familiar with some of the shows as one would hope. It's kind of hard to take the writer seriously when some of the most basic parts of the show are not correct.
The information for Wonderfalls (my key interest in the list) is just horrible.
I'm really surprised My So-Called Life wasn't on the list. That's kind of a glaring omission.
My So-Called Life is on there, it's #1 (you have to click back a few from the Firefly page).

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