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November 10 2014

What happens to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Joss Whedon leaves? speculates what will happen to the MCU after Joss choses to leave to focus on different projects.

Link is not working for me.

Why does it have to be other projects though? It probably will be, but I kind of like the idea of Joss taking a couple years off to recharge the batteries. Read, horseback ride, play video games, do volunteer work, whatever. I love the idea of Joss hanging out and posting about all sorts of stuff. Less Joss projects and more time for Joss!
Should work now.
Interesting article, hopefully Joss will take more of an active role in the Buffyverse comics or do DH2.
How about we let Joss do what he wants to do.
Grack21 get out of my brain.
Who cares, so long as he gets picked up by DC next (nudge nudge; wink wink.)

I mean - could you imagine?
Let's just let Joss be Joss. We might just be unexpectedly surprised.

I always have my DVDs on hand to put in the player when I need to refocus. An I was just rewatching the Much Ado Extras (hearing about Reed's Juliard boner always makes me ROFL), which reminded me how freaking crazy was learning about how Much Ado happened. I remember sitting at the airport in New York as I was waiting for a flight back home, checking out Whedonesque to see what's new, and first major post about the movie not only already shot, but done during The Avengers break. It was a very pleasant surprise.

Onto the MCU, even before Joss got involved Feigi was running a tight ship, so to fans focused on that, I wouldn't fret. Still with a more clear map than whatever WB is attempting.
I hate to say it, but I found both Much Ado About Nothing and In Your Eyes to be half-baked Whedon projects. Each had nice moments, but the former lacked Joss' trademark witty dialogue (for obvious reasons), and the latter featured a lackluster script and shoddy direction. I realize both of these projects were essentially side-projects for Joss though.
I think the best outcome would be for him to continue consulting and maybe script-doctoring for Marvel, but not directing. It's the directing part that eats up 100% of his time. He could consult for Marvel and still have plenty of time to work on his own projects.
With the Thor stuff I believe Alan Taylor said he was helicoptered in to do script rewrites so I don't know how feasible it will be for him to be that hands on.
...the former lacked Joss' trademark witty dialogue (for obvious reasons)...

If you were to go researching the origins and ancestors of Joss' trademark witty dialogue, Shakespeare's comedies would be a really good place to start looking...

With the Thor stuff I believe Alan Taylor said he was helicoptered in to do script rewrites so I don't know how feasible it will be for him to be that hands on.

Was he "helicoptered in" literally or figuratively? I don't know why he'd have to actually go on set.

Even if he did, I doubt he'd be any busier with his own project than he was with Avengers.

If I had to place a bet on what I think Joss will do next, it would be: writing some AoS episodes, working on Wastelanders with Warren Ellis, doing Dr. Horrible 2 (if the stars can make it work schedule-wise), and maybe a little comics writing.

And then, something big!

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I'm all for Joss doing what he wants and I'll gladly follow wherever.... That being said, Marvel is just dominating right now and I'm so invested in the direction of the MCU. I would love to see him come back as a consultant circa 2017-2018 (Captain Marvel, The Inhumans, and the Avengers two-parter) -- eventually directing Infinity War Part II. That would give him a few years off that he obviously needs but we'd still have him there for the final showdown. But I'd be eating steak right about now if wishes were horses.
"If you were to go researching the origins and ancestors of Joss' trademark witty dialogue, Shakespeare's comedies would be a really good place to start looking..."

Yes, I'm aware, but it still wasn't JOSS's dialogue. He did a pretty good job at adapting it, but his unique voice was still missing.
If Joss had lived 400 years ago, and William Shakespeare lived today, people would be talking about how Whedonian Bill's dialogue was. Also, Joss would be dead in two years, so let's bring him back to the future.

I'm not sure Marvel movies will spark quite as much without Joss's input. Think about the movies before his involvement vs. all the movies after he was brought in to do Avengers. Even the first Iron Man might have been even better had he been involved.

Still, I'm all for Joss being freed from Marvel's leash, so he can get back to making his own stuff, even if it's just making cookie dough.
@AndrewCrossett- check the wikipedia page as well as the article which is hyperlinked to the io9 article in which Alan Taylor talks about help from Joss. They physically brought Joss to the London set of Thor to do the rewrite I don't know why.

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It becomes much less good, obviously. Marvel couldn't deal with Edgar Wright. The amount of people with enough writing and managing skill who also have the diplomacy to work with a big corporation is not a large amount, only Joss comes to mind.
My only concern with Joss leaving is the quality of writing for the characters of Natasha and Bruce, I thought he got them down perfectly in The Avengers (along with the performances by Scarlet and Mark).

Now I'm pretty confident Natasha will be OK going because I liked what they did with her in The Winter Soldier. I just hope that any future writers for Bruce understand the character and the balance between Banner and Hulk.

Otherwise I think the MCU will be fine, it will stumble eventually that is inevitable but with people like the Russo Brothers and James Gunn involved as well as hopefully some other quality writers and directors in the future everything will be OK.
Marvel will be fine, with the same formulaic and McGuffin problems and - at its best - good character work.

As for Joss, I just want him to do something original, written and directed by him, be it a movie or a cable series. I don't even care about Dr. Horrible 2 at this point. The time has passed. I want something new and original.
I think the MCU will suffer if Joss leaves completely. He really is not only uniquely gifted, but uniquely suited to make these movies and create these stories. I can't think of anyone else with his comic book cred, filmmaking expertise and writing brilliance. That said, it didn't sound like he had much to do with Iron Man 3 and in my opinion that's far and away the best of that series. Other people out there have made good films without Joss' hand, which in this day and age is tough to remember but still true.

Didn't he mention in a recent story that he'd like to join the AoS writing staff? That seems to me to be a nice way to stay involved (possibly doing polishes on the films as well) but have some time to do other things. And I can't help but wonder if he's got a bit of a chocolate craving to take a shot at Captain Marvel.
Yes to the consulting and script doctoring by helicopter. He could be the MCUs Tony Stark
All I can figure is, Marvel is so paranoid about script security that they weren't willing to risk sending Joss a copy of it. Maybe all the scripts are kept locked up, and the actors have to physically come and study them under surveillance, like the Rare Books room at the library?
Christopher Nolan notoriously keeps his scripts so tightly held that before actors sign onto movies, he hand-delivers a script and waits while they read them, or actors will go to his house and read them.

I know we love Joss' work, and I do think he's elevated the MCU to what it is today, but I also think it was doing well before Joss and it'll do fine if he leaves. It's gotten better under his tutelage, but I don't think it's the end of the world if he leaves, not when there are many talented writers and directors out there.

Sometimes I think fans are so praising of Joss that they forget there are a lot of other talented people in the industry who are already making well-done works of cinema and story.
Joss hooked up with Marvel because he saw peers. Those peers have just spent a few years working closely with Joss. I'm sure they've picked up a thing or two. Joss is not the only secret sauce they have.

Marvel won't have trouble attracting talent and they are a good judge of talent.

My guess is that Joss will have as much involvement as he wants and the doors will always be open to him at Marvel. If he just wants to be a fan he can.

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