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"So tell me.. which stage of grieving is this?"
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November 11 2014

Don't miss Can't Stop The Serenity's eBay auction. Bidding on their second round of items ends this Sunday (Nov 16th). All profits go to Equality Now.

There are some great items as well. My favourite is a Firefly watch that was a promotional piece before the show came out. But the signed drawing of Orlando Bloom as Legolas is pretty sweet too.
The original Firefly logo! I've been spent years trying to find that again.
Do you mean a T-shirt Simon, or something else? The remaining 13 items/lots don't seem to have anything with the original logo.
No, the font on the watch. That was the original one used for Firefly.
It also appeared in the original U.S. television commercials for the show.

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