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November 11 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x07 "The Writing on the Wall". The episode was written by Craig Titley and was directed by Vincent Misiano. Hints from the cast suggest this is a big episode.

First. The first evil.

Welcome to my birthday party!

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2014-11-12 02:52 ]
I'm so scared, roddikinathome.
Well if I've ever just had to ban anyone, it's definitely the First Evil.
My cat is determined to sit on both the remote control and my keyboard. Where's that spray bottle?!
Coulson's brain is yucky.
But the First Evil appears as any dead person it wants. Anyone in this room could be Evil.
Hey, it's tattoo man.
"I'm so scared, roddikinathome."

Well, YOU WILL BE...

Ah a few minutes behind,

Hi everyone! I missed you all last week!
Why would you listen to improvisational jazz when you're feeling unstable?
Coulson's brain really is yucky. And can't he just use chalk?
Why would you listen to improvisational jazz when you're feeling unstable?


Thank you!
Phil listens to terrible Bop. I am disapoint. :/
I want Coiulson's shirt
Why is he not listening to cello solos?
The writing looks like an electronics schematic. It's a plan for building something, like maybe a ship to return to whatever home world.

But fake Philly airport and lockers.

[ edited by hann23 on 2014-11-12 03:09 ]
"Hi everyone! I missed you all last week!"

I'm happy it was a house ad last week. I was in surgery. AAK!
"A magical place" !!!!
I live just outside of Philly. I can even see the lights of Philly from my house.
The magical place is back!!!
I think it's a Philly bus station?
A magical place!
Surgery, roddikin.... Are you OK, or are you a surgeon? If you are the latter, are you still ok?
I kinda like the artwork actually. They should sell prints.
Yeah Upstate New York! Lots of local love this episode.
I only know the Amtrak station and the Speedline in Philly.
How many big bads are there this season???
@Sunfire -- too clean. Needs more grunge.
Is the victim one of the GH test cases perhaps ?
I was in another country last Tuesday - could not have watched. Glad we're all here tonight.

And Nebula! I love the schematics idea! How to get to the magical place ...
Corpse diem? Seize the dead? What kind of Latin did he take?
Simmons, girlfriend, work on the attitude.
I have been to the Atlanta bus station and oh, how I wish it was this location instead.
SHIELD agents dropping like flies....
Electrical Symbols & Electronic Symbols

My 9th grade electronics class finally (maybe) came in handy!
Woe, Ward sitting next to Mockingbird!!
Ward, totally made her!
Scary ward is scary.
Oh god, Hunter's hat.
Woohoo, Hunter's on the other bus! Nice little bit of spy fun in that scene.
Oh, more yucky Coulson brain.
Oooh. That's the difference? Coulson was made to forget his experience where as they did no such thing to Skye. They just gave her the shot and hoped for the best.
Is that Bennett's chair?
Hypergraphia - neologism or actual word? I suspect the latter.
It's a real word, javelina.
"Surgery, roddikin.... Are you OK, or are you a surgeon? If you are the latter, are you still ok?"

I was the surgee, not the surger, I had to get some unexpected upgrades. I'll live.
Wikki P. says "Hypergraphia is a behavioral condition characterized by the intense desire to write. Forms of hypergraphia can vary in writing style and content. It is a symptom associated with temporal lobe changes in epilepsy, which is the cause of the Geschwind syndrome, a mental disorder."
The difference is that Skye was born with alien DNA, and nobody else was.
I agree @Nebula1400 but that hasn't been fully revealed has it?
"If he starts screaming..." Our little Skye is all growd up
Thank you, Squishy, I'm on my phone so Internet is Whedonesque only!
This is reminding me of Dollhouse for some reason.
Yep, this is dark.
Why was this not a halloween episode?
Skye is good at torture.
That was so disturbing. Wow.
Old one. The blue one is old...
I like this episode.
Strucker mention....
Yeah, it's the good kind of dark.
Oh ward, you so backstabby.
Ok, this is gettin' ugly.
There was a light side of SHIELD?
Wow! Coulson is a schmuck!
There's a dark side of Shield? What? Coulson what did you do?
Is the guy he's going to save (or kill) Joel Gretsch?
Kill? I think? I hope?
Starting to wonder if they might introduce S.W.O.R.D. to MCU after all.
This is making Phil look ugly.
Oh, Ward, you are not getting redeemed!
And rug gets yanked.
The lunatic is in my head.
The lunatic is in my head
You raise the blade, you make the change
You re-arrange me 'til I'm sane.
You lock the door
And throw away the key
There's someone in my head but it's not me.
"This is making Phil look ugly."

Or stupid and crazy... whatevs.
roddikinathome, you aren't kidding re: ugly.

On the other hand, I continue to love Ward. Man, way to turn around a character.

Edited to add, thanks, Nebula! Now I'm even more creeped out.

[ edited by javelina on 2014-11-12 03:46 ]
All of the above.
Coulson isn't ugly. He's suffering. Right? RIGHT?

Yeah, Ward rocks.
And now the kids have to get their shit together and save Coulson from himself.
Suffering from ugliness...
"There's someone in my head but it's not me."

Shine on you crazy diamond
Now he's really suffering. Ouch!
The more pain - the more I remembered?

So dark, so dark Shield
It's a freaking schematic! Jeez!
Yay, lotsa stuff is happening!
"We can find it together..."
that seems like a huuuuuuge coincidence that the family just ran out and hailed Skye's car.
Just don't wreck the model train layout guys.
Don't burn the model railroad, guys. I think it might be important.
Burn, memory wiped dude. Very ouch.
It's a city! What city?????
That was exciting.
Just don't wreck the model train layout guys.

hann23 | November 12, 03:50 CET

Don't burn the model railroad, guys. I think it might be important.

javelina | November 12, 03:50 CET

Said no mom ever after February...
I liked that the other former SHIELD guy got his Buffy moment. (From the movie.) "You threw a knife at my head." Sweet.
Coulson loses perspective way too easily to be Director. :/
"It's a city! What city?????"

Capital City!
Mr Hann23 thinks the city is located under the pyramids because they said that blue guy -- poor dude -- was older then the Egyptians.

Ps. he's invested.
Ward listens to better music than Coulson. Ward needs to win.
But.. Ward.. this is No Shave November! You rebel.
Hmm.... that poster looks familiar... #TrustCap
Listen to some Bill, clip the beard.
Ward's road diary would be so rad. It'd be like 12 words over 3 months.
He really thinks he's still part of the team.
So... Who's gonna die?
To counter Ward's new look, I promise never to shave again.
I'm guessing Tripp will die.
"Ward listens to better music than Coulson. Ward needs to win."
Nebula1400 | November 12, 03:57 CET
"But.. Ward.. this is No Shave November! You rebel."
NYPinTA | November 12, 03:57 CET
"Listen to some Bill, clip the beard."
roddikinathome | November 12, 03:58 CET

I wub you guiz.
Lots of vinyl-listening hipsters on this show.

That holographic rendering of the schematic Coulson showed the team looked more like some kind of starship than a city.

I have a feeling it's going to connect to Age of Ultron somehow.
I'm really looking forward to the family reunion to get some answers.
Alright Marvel experts, what city could it be? I have no clue.

[ edited by Squishy on 2014-11-12 04:05 ]
Something having to do with the Titans...
The colony of Titanian Eternals, and the connection to the Kree.
@Squishy-Smart money is on Attilan the (mobile?) hidden home of the Inhumans. They were created by the Kree, have a movie in Phase 3, would explain Skye's lack of powers and are getting a lot more attention in the comics recently with a bunch of new Inhumans having gotten their powers, one of them being a Muslim teenager who is starring in her own Ms. Marvel comic that is selling really well.

[ edited by Dusk on 2014-11-12 04:10 ]
That was a great episode tonight.So we got the resolution of the alien symbols.It's a city.My first thought was Attilan,home of The Inhumans.

They did just announce the Inhumans movie.

The Inhumans are connected/created by the alien race the Kree.

The dead alien body might be a Kree(looked like one to me).

The Kree were formally introduced this summer in GOTG.

Plus there are rumors floating around about the source of Quicksilver and Scarlete Witches powers in the MCU from Averngers:AOU coming this summer.

So I'm guessing Attilan right this second.

Also liked that little nod to AOU with the Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker remark.

I actually liked Ward's beared look and will miss it but boy did he impress tonight being one step ahead of everyone.

Very strong episode tonight.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2014-11-12 04:22 ]
Notice that Fitz doesn't stammer anymore when he talks to Mac.

Also notice how snippy Simmons was being with Mac. There's a triangle of resentment there.
Maybe it's Attilan.
Gaahh! Buffyfanfic beat me!
I'm with Dusk on this one, my vote also goes to Inhumans.
Oh I guess Dusk beat me too!
And so did I ;) But I wonder if this is correct about the Inhumans which ones will appear on the show before the movie? Would they introduce Black Bolt and Medusa on the small screen first?

And if they do, Joss is likely involved in some capacity with the Inhumans movie at the very least.

[ edited by Dusk on 2014-11-12 04:18 ]
Laughing at Mac and Fitz not noticing Skye trapped in the basement because bro-bonding. (And AndrewCrossett, Simmons is most definitely irked right now.)

Glad some of you can help with the city / mythology - thanks for the info! It really was a great episode but Coulson has GOT to step up his musical game ... Now I'm wondering if the record and turntable were in that locker Ward opened, along with the explosives.
I like the idea of Joss being involved with the Inhumans movie(s).
I would be shocked if they introduced them on TV before releasing the movie.
I miss vinyl records.
They won't be on TV because far more people watch the movies. They'd have to do it twice (and the movie version will always look better).
@Squishy. With no Origin stories in the movies anymore I can see pieces of the Inhumans origin being introduced in AoS
Yes JDL, me too, but I can't imagine them showing Black Bolt or Medusa in AoS before the movie.
They would have to introduce someone significant from the comics before 2018 if Inhumans is where we are going. Especially if this turns into SHIELD vs. Inhumans. My guess is they are testing the waters in the comics to see which of these newbies is popular to introduce a TV version of them either later this season or in S3.

Rumor right now is Vin Disel could be Black Bolt, he'd give his body to the Inhumans movie(s) and his voice to Groot on GotG.
@Squishy. With no Origin stories in the movies anymore I can see pieces of the Inhumans origin being introduced in AoS


That is a good point. Plus, AoS can't exist in the Marvel Universe if it can't ever touch anything that's going to be in a movie.
Wow, Inhumans is not coming out for three years. That complicates things.
I don't think any of the major/well known Inhumans(The royal family) would be introduced on the show.But the concept could be teased here before being formally introduced in Age Of Ultron(which I think it will play a role in this summer).

Keep in mind that Age of Ultron is coming out around the same time as the end of season 2 of the show.So we could see some
tie-in like we did with The Winter Soldier and the show last year.

Tease out the concept here building up to Age Of Ultron at the beginning of May.

Formally introduce the concept of Inhumans in Avengers this summer to set up the phsse 3 Inhumans movie in 2018.They still got Captain America:Civil War,GOTG 2 and Captain Marvel all coming before Inhumans so the concept can continue to be setup in some fashion in those films too.
They might tease them in a post-credit scene of one of the earlier movies and point people towards AoS if they want to find out more before 2018. The team could be dealing with rouges perhaps including Daddy Doctor or Skye could be the first one we see exposed to the Mist. Fury could be the connective tissue between the screens.

[ edited by Dusk on 2014-11-12 04:36 ]
@Squishy. I agree Black Bolt & Co. are much too big for AoS. I foresee much smaller pieces. Just enough that some important
concepts are already in play before the movie comes out.
Really good episode - maybe not as much with nice little character moments or clever witticisms, but it continued the pacing that has been this season's strong suit.

Glad we've wrapped up the Coulson schematics - of all the mysteries on the table, that one had me least invested. That said, the solution clearly points to the Inhumans tie in so many folks have been pointing towards which is pretty mind blowing. Could AoS somehow lead into Avengers 2? "Before you see Avengers this weekend, be sure to watch AoS ..."

Also - LOVED the horror movie style montage of Coulson's patients losing it. Creepy stuff. The body carvings were also appropriately gruesome. Show plays well in the later time slot.

Finally - Ward is quickly becoming the major "reason to watch" character no one would have predicted a season ago. Completely off the rails craycray, and very watchable because of it.

More SkyeDad next week!! - what a fun season so far
Yeah. The show can introduce Inhumans who aren't in the 1%.
They must have their phase 3 plans remarkably well-thought out if they're willing to entrust AOS to start delving into the mythology of a movie coming out 3 years from now.
Hahaha the 1%. Quite apt.
It would fit into the Firefly model of storytelling, in that the show is about the little people who typically aren't the focus of television series.
I'm seeing lots of speculation that Kyle MacLachlan's character is Maximus the Mad, the insane brother of the Inhuman ruler Black Bolt.

That would make Skye a genuine Inhuman princess.
If they let Skye know that, it will go to her head, and she'll always be ordering around Coulson and May to get her a glass of milk and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Sorry... Dealing with a hyperactive 4-year-old causes that.
Skye as an Inhuman princess? And a thousand fanfics hath been launched.
I missed the von Strucker reference Buffyfanfic mentioned. Can anyone help me out?
@Squishy. Paraphrasing a bit. Ward mentioned that he had called the Whitehall bunch since they were here in the US and von Strucker was in Europe. That's iirc of course.

[ edited by JDL on 2014-11-12 05:24 ]
What was with all the record players? The true sign of a SHIELD agent is that he or she eschews CDs? Is that how we know Ward still considers himself part of the team?
And Universal has the rights to Namor the Sub-Mariner, so that kind of rules him out. Correct? That seems to have been stalled.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2014-11-12 07:32 ]
Well, if lexigeek didn't end up a designer on AOS at least Coulson has his Trust Cap poster in his office.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2014-11-12 07:48 ]
I love my record player. I couldn't even tell you where my CDs are.
I wish people would come back to the show. It has tremendously improved!! I'm really enjoying it!!!!
This has become my most anticipated show of the week. Really enjoying it.

I like the quick, but poignant comment, from Mac to Fitz about his mind/memories having a backup. Foreshadowing, I'm thinking for something that's yet to come. I also like the subtle signs of Fitz improvement... Mac insisting he play Halo to improve his mind/hand coordination and you see Fitz doing well in the game.
It seems odd that Ward would be lugging a record player and records around with him in his life on the run. Seems like his lifestyle calls more for an iPod.

Also, I was a little bugged by the way he supposedly "made" Bobbi. He passed by her outside while she was sitting there reading a book... somehow was able to read the page number from that distance... and then on the bus he calls her out for still being on the same page number. But the two incidents were no more than 5 minutes apart, during which time Bobbi would have been boarding the bus and stowing her luggage. So, it's perfectly believable that she would have been on the same page of the book.

I have a feeling that Coulson is not OK. He's stable for the moment because he's successfully completed the first step of his "mission." When they actually locate that city, it's all gonna hit the fan. We haven't seen the last of Sebastian Derrick (tattoo guy) or Hank Thompson (model train guy) either. They are all going to be sleeper agents for whatever created the Obelisk, and at the worst possible moment of the season they will suddenly be flipped to some agenda of an unknown but almost certainly non-good nature.
About the montage of GH-325 patients, it actually reminded me of the River Tam Sessions, though the latter is still the creepiest for me.
Somewhat late to the party, but was I the only one who laughed like a loon when May & co. found Bakshi trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey? I could almost imagine a gift bow on his head!

Also, I'm now curious if there actually ARE drinks called Bullet in the Head and Columbian Necktie.
Speaking of model train guy, did anyone else "catch" the nod to the original Buffy movie? The person with powers who doesn't know they have powers until they catch a knife thrown at their face?

Also, tattoo guy gives me a serious Cape Fear vibe (the Scorcese remake, not the original).

I had no problem with how Ward made Mockingbird. I actually thought it was a pretty cool way to show just how formidable Ward is, that he would make mental notes like that. I was more bothered by the head-slappingly coincidental fact that model-train-guy's family just so happened to hail down a car that contained Skye and Mac.

I should probably know this, but what the heck was the significance of Ward stopping to help that woman (Eliza) and her son (Graham) getting on the bus?

[ edited by Squishy on 2014-11-12 16:08 ]
@squishy Mac and Skye were already heading to Model-Train-Family's house in hopes of finding Coulson anyway, so I don't really see a coincidence there. Unless, its that they happened to be arriving there at the same time the family was trying to escape, but even that doesn't really bother me because it kind of makes sense.
I'm not positive of the significance of Ward helping the family, other than if he were around women and children, it would make SHIELD agents less likely to try to gun him down.

I also notice Mac's comment, that they might try using the machine to fix his memory. It will probably be something they hold off on until just before the season break.

Ward's comment to Skye about dropping off presents was a nice callback to Coulson saying the same thing to Talbott earlier.
We are just crammed with useless data & trivial knowledge. GO US!
We are just crammed with useless data & trivial knowledge. GO US!

roddikinathome |

Go where?
I was never entirely convinced of the theories that AoS might be leading towards Inhumans, but Attilan is really the extremely obvious candidate for the hidden city.

But I am wondering. Will they really introduce the Inhumans three years before they get their own movie?
Finding Attilan and not having any of the royal family present would probably be a disappointment to comic book fans. It'd feel empty.
But I can't imagine that they'd cast the royal family so far in advance. Will they?
Or are they going for an empty/abandoned Attilan; introducing the concept without having the well-known characters present?

Here's another thought: maybe it's all misdirection and what they are really setting up is an Eternal/Deviant thing with the city being Lemuria. Way less likely, but they did show a Celestial in GOTG. I think it would fit.

Although the blue alien and the hidden city just scream Kree & Attilan to me...
"Corpse diem? Seize the dead? What kind of Latin did he take?"

Just me that found that funny then? :D
"Corpse diem? Seize the dead? What kind of Latin did he take?"

Just me that found that funny then? :D

It was funny... I think everyone (both characters and viewers) were just stunned, because it was Fitz's first sign of humor since the incident.

I think it's possible they'll introduce the notion of Inhumans, and maybe give us a look at them at least in the form of Skye and whatever her power turns out to be. But the movie would probably be the first time they're front-and-center in the MCU.

There's a lot of thought that the Inhumans will be the MCU stand-in for mutants, which they can't use because they go with the X-Men property. Any mutant characters used in the MCU would be explained as Inhumans instead.
> The person with powers who doesn't know they have powers until they catch a knife thrown at their face?
Yeah but how did he do that, again? I thought Coulson had lost his muscle memory in Tahiti, didn't they all?
@Ragondux. IIRC the guy who caught the knife had completed the "map" and it looked like was not under a compulsion. So perhaps he got some things back like muscle memory.

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