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November 15 2014

Watch the trailer for Christian Kane's new show. 'The Librarians' debuts on TNT on December 7th.

Aw I remember enjoying the movies and thinking how they'd work as a TV show. I will be checking this out.

Loving that Christian's character is an angry artist. LOL
It is strange to see Lindy Booth in this show. She was in "Relic Hunter" and that show was similar. ^^
Whenever friends talked about Warehouse 13 I would point them to this trilogy of movies... so much better IMO. Unfortunately, TNT's relationship with Hulu appears to be mostly broken so I won't get to see this until much later (I'm not re-attaching the cord).
"Lindy Booth as a young woman with synesthesia".

Did this character remind anyone else of Fred?
I loved the movies, so I'm excited for this.
@tomg You are right about TNT and Hulu. As best I can tell until such time as the ad revenues from Hulu get better its not going to
change either. Maybe not even then. Cord cutting has the cable companies and content providers scared sh*tless. They are fighting
it with everything they've got and they are losing imo.

Change won't come quickly but if HBO is loosening up (and it is) the end is nearer than you would think.
@JDL, I understand and still I don't understand. The networks that cause me the most problems are TNT, USA, and FX. They seem to think that it's their choice between getting a few pennies/month from me (via a CATV subscription bundle) or even fewer pennies/month from me (via Hulu+), and they are choosing the former. What they don't realize is that the choice is actually mine, that it's between fewer pennies from me or none at all, and I'm choosing the latter. I like their content, but not that much, and there's plenty of content out there to fill my available hours.

Premium outlets like HBO have already proven that people are willing to pay extra for their content. I'm willing to wait, even though that means I'm out of the conversation for a long time (e.g., I just started Game of Thrones S1 via Netflix DVD).

Maybe the basic-cable nets will figure it out, but I'm not optimistic. I imagine there are lots of people who will continue to buy cable bundles rather than deal with broadband, out of complacency or misplaced fear of the technology (frankly, my Roku was the easiest piece of tech to install that I have ever encountered), but I doubt that audience is growing by much, and it may actually be shrinking now. In the meantime, those networks are outsourcing their customer-service operation to the Comcasts and Charters of the world... and that can't be considered optimal.
I only have cable because internet + cable (with a tiny, wretched channel selection) actually costs less than just internet from the one provider that I have access to in my apartment.

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