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November 16 2014

Chris Pratt on whether he'd guest on Agents of SHIELD. He tells Zap2it, "I wouldn't rule it out. Marvel would have to decide, but if it made sense for the brand and for the story, yeah sure."

[Cosses fingers.]
I can see why he's speaking with so much reservation. For Star Lord to come back to Earth would be a very big deal. Given the fact that he didn't do it in the first movie, or even show any hint of wanting to, it seems like something he'd have to do in his own movie. Even just contacting Earth in a message would have to be done in a way that didn't steal any thunder from the Guardians franchise.
RDJ, Renner and now Pratt show interest - I would settle for Hawkeye at the moment cause he'd make the most sense.
Well, the cameo wouldn't even have to be on earth or about him returning to earth (just like Agent Carter flashbacks we've been getting, with her barely interacting with any character in the present), but it had to make sense for the storyline, maybe something relating to the ancient Kree body, like Star Lord finding something that explains how it got to earth.
I'm hoping for a Doctor Strange or Captain Marvel cameo before their respective movies come out (assuming they're not origin pics).
Yeah maybe it could just be a scene of Starlord finding some ancient artifact and then it ending up on earth. He wouldn't have to have a scene with any of the main cast members or show up on Earth as long as it related to the plot.

I never thought I'd be in favor of stunt casting but AOS really needs a ratings boost right now to get people back on board. I've seen alot of people saying that the show has turned around and that they left last season but are now back on board but its not showing up in the ratings and thats where it counts.

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Yeah, Simon, I've always hoped that the series would do something like that as well; from the beginning I kept wondering whether anybody on the team would secretly be Mar-Vell which might make for a Carol Danvers backstory. I'm now wondering if Triplett might be Marv.

As cool as it would be to have one or more GotG on the show, I agree that having Star-Lord return to earth would be too special for the character to have it feature in a series where he's not the primary focus.
I'd be for some Star-Lord on Agents of SHIELD but yeah, the justification would need to be just right.

Peter Quill being back on Earth after decades of being gone is BIG, so maybe the big finish for S2 can involve Coulson's Crew ending up getting teleported somewhere due to some Kree tech, Star-Lord meets them helps them out and learns about the Infinity Gem on Morag (making AOS S2 be a precursor to Guardians of the Galaxy) and the crew ends up being sent back to Earth (or the Sol System) and end up in Attilan.
If Benedict Cumberbatch is confirmed as Dr. Strange, we're not going to see a cameo. It's been hard enough getting him back for Sherlock. It could be that Chris Pratt could show up on AoS in a scenario like eddy suggested, or Jeremy Renner could show up as another of Mockingbird's exes, but chances are we're mostly going to get second-tier appearances from the films.

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