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November 16 2014

Marty's coffee mug, er, pipe from 'Cabin In The Woods' is now a real thing. Patent pending!

That is awesome! I wonder if it will hold a whole bunch of coffee?
Surprised the prop guys/gals/Minions for The Cabin in the Woods didn't just give a crafty friend the designs for the movie prop Fran got to use ;)
Yeah, wasn't the movie prop completely functional?
"Soon, apparently, you'll be able to own your very 'travel mug' that telescopes into a working water pipe."

Water pipe. Riiiiight.
IIRC, they said in the DVD commentary that the movie prop worked.
Uh... it is a water pipe. That's the definition of a bong.
If I remember right, I think they said on the DVD that the flask/pipe worked but it made the coffee taste terrible.

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