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"This whole curse thing has been widely misinterpreted..."
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November 19 2014

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD bosses answer burning questions about last night's episode. "After the midseason finale, things will never be the same again..."

Based on the summary of the episode and the first question they asked, Entertainment Weekly was very vague on who killed Kyle MacLachlan's wife at the end of the episode. However, I feel it's pretty obvious while watching the episode. Do you think they were asked to leave that uncertain for those who might not have picked up on it? I just thought it was weirdly worded.
Certainly possible...though I admit to being temporarily confused by the shot of the hand seemingly regenerating, thinking it was Dichen's character healing from Whitehall's tortures at first until we are shown youthful Whitehall and the mangled corpse of Dichen's character in the background.
"Will we find out Skye’s real name before the season is up?
Tancharoen: You will learn her real name sooner than you think."

I continue to think she'll be a known figure from the comics universe. But I've no idea who.
The Doctor said something about people turning to stone, which is an allusion to Medusa. Medusa was an Inhuman character in the comics, and part of their Royal Family.
That thought occurred to me, nebula. But unlike her mythological namesake, Medusa the inhuman does not have the power to turn people to stone. At least so far as I know. There may be some inhumans expert out there who knows different.
I think The Doctor's "people turning to stone comment" meant the countless non-Inhumans who will be caught in the Terrigen Mist/Bomb that the HYDRA/The Doctor will presumably set off at some point to try to raise an Inhuman army to recruit from/get "Skye" to accept him and her heritage.

I'm assuming it will act like the Diviner and turn those "unworthy" to stone, but on a much more massive scale. It wouldn't surprise me if this is the game changing twist that leaves us hanging as we head into the two month hiatus.

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