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November 19 2014

'People' magazine names Chris Hemsworth 2014's 'Sexiest Man Alive'. A photoshoot and interview with the actor will be available on the magazine that will be on sale this friday.

About time the rest of the world caught up! :)
Seriously, Chris should've gotten this title years ago!

As strange as it is that he didn't have any films come out this year, I'm in no way complaining that he got the title.

Congrats Cabin in the Woods/Avengers star! :D Joss would be proud ;)
It probably has more to do with the 4 movies he has coming out next year. I get the feeling these things are lobbied for by representation. :) He is, of course, more than deserving of the "honor."
Yup, it should really be called "My PR team is bigger than yours", but for a change, the title bestowed is well-deserved!

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