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November 19 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #9. It's the second part of the "Return to Sunnydale" arc.

I don't really have much to say about it, it was a reasonable issue. What Spike said about his soulless love was exactly the kind of qualification I expected and think is pretty reasonable considering why he went to get his soul and how he would feel looking back on it all once he had it. He seemed to be, again predictably, coming from the comparison of how he feels now too. Buffy's feelings do seem to be coming through, even to the extent of her wanting to share fate in what happens to them here. The fact that the previous time the hellmouth came down around them was referenced alongside this made it really stand out I thought. Anyway, plenty of complications touched on through all that and still no Dylan in the mix yet so there will no doubt be plenty more happening in this area.

I agree with others that Christos played the line well for the continuity with/without the soul as well as underscoring that there is a vital difference too. I actually thought the line of saying that his soul was grey/compromised made that pretty clear in that there are links between souled/soulless in the person who stays constant between the two and both Angel and Spike are in that position. Plus, you know, they are both still vampires, are both still also the demon who committed all those acts as well as being the person who wouldn't have done them. I must say I do often find it hard to see why people can't see that both are still literally present, soul/demon, and therefore any pure separation is illogical before you even get to the character arc coherence. But anyway...

I am assuming that Andrew is going to make Jonathan a robot body what with the reference to what he did to Buffy just made again. Whether he will admit that the new person (assuming he will be different, taller!) is really Jonathan I don't know.

I've seen it said that it was all too neat and cosy and think that is fair, but it is the way the title has been handled so far so wasn't surprising. I was pleased Spike refused to hug though because that would have just been disquieting!
I haven't been reading S10, but Jonathan being back makes me really happy!
They're really going down the Dollhouse road with the idea that Jonathan's personality can just be implanted in a (presumably robot) body and voila, it's Jonathan!

The difference is that the soul plays a much more specific and significant role in the Buffyverse than it did in Dollhouse. Can that be Jonathan if his soul is still in the afterlife? Can Robot Jonathan go without a soul and not be evil?
While I appreciate the Andrew growing arc, the Willow and Tara reunion potential was severely underutilized. So my general conclusion of this issue was "meh..." I've read better stories where there was actually a reunion of sorts. Even bitter-sweet stories where Tara returns only temporarily (i.e. "DARK CONGRESS" by Chris Golden) were more satisfying. I suppose in the canon storyline there will never be closure for Willow and Tara, only missed opportunities.

Oh well. There's always fanfic.
As much hate as Season 8 gets, I can't help thinking about it as I'm reading season 10. It seems that Buffy has jettisoned all symbolism and subtextt for straight up adventure stories about friendship.

Season 8 was still gorgeous and mysterious (up until that Twilight reveal at least). The art was totally cinematic and inventive in the way Jeanty and Joss set up the panels. I really miss that aspect of the books.

I'm just a sad Cazador, thinking I'm going to have to let go of this series. The Buffy/Spike conversation was so inane and such a retread, I think that's when I realized the magic was kind of gone.

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I finally have Buffy # 9,"Return To Sunnydale Part II of II."

I'm going to keep this short.Didn't like this issue as much as last issue or previous issues.

I thought the Willow/Andrew stuff was good(never expected Tara to be brought back and honestly did not want it anyway) but then it's undercut by the ending with Andrew basically I assume wanting to build a body for artifical Jonathan(although that's better then actually bringing Jonathan back).

On the Buffy/Spike scenes,I'm not really the target audience on that front.I will say that Spike's words about his love for Buffy soulless are pretty much in line with how I always understood it.I mean we've seen that vampires love even though they are soulless.Drusilla has shown it.In the Angel episode,"Hearthrob" we had James and Elizabeth.Spike's takes are pretty in line with all that so again this isn't really new info.

So for me,overall weaker issue compared to the first 8.

So I'll basically leave my comments at that.
As much as I love Tara, I'm glad Willow stopped Andrew. but, I wonder, is she still at peace given the nature of the monster of the month, dead though he may be?
Really loving this series and the last issue in particular.
Because what I love about Buffy is the triviality of moments of life, the blossoming of adult friendships, the care for the family you make as you go along, amid of course... the craziness and the monsters and the hell dimensions.

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