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November 19 2014

Ratings for last night's Agents of SHIELD episode. The show got a 1.6/5 in the 18-49 demo.

Hey! It's up from the series low. Hopefully it will bounce back now that it's getting some critical success.
The fact that ratings have finally ticked up (even a tiny bit) is a good sign, and even more hopeful considering its lead-in this week was a rerun of "Shark Tank." If ABC can find a halfway decent lead-in for it, it could really start moving.
AoS lead in for Fall 2015,
"Black Widow: The Series"
RobynH, I may or may not have screamed, "YES" out loud in my office just now. You think ScarJo would do TV? :)
I would also be willing to take an option on
"Steve & Natasha Go to White Castle"
as long as NPH puts in an appearance.
I hope the ratings pick up but it's too early to get our hopes up, could be just a normal fluctuation. I'll believe it when it gets to 1.9 I guess.
So this is all good - all very good.

I especially like the NPH idea - hey maybe they could do a musical episode and and and Hugh Jackman could play Wolverine!!! ;-)

So anyone else hanging here because they DON'T want to read the TV Guide spoilers?
"I am the very model of a modern mutant misanthrope." -- Logan's Lament
There was no adjustment.
RobynH and IrrationaliTV: Well, Scarlett's a new mom and depending on hers and fiance Romain Dauriac's living plans, a TV series could allow for a better work-family balance if filming primarily stays in Los Angeles and surrounds...

Actually, doesn't Scarlett have a TV she's working on coming out? Some Victorian age thing, I thought.
There was something about a mini-series, Grack21. I haven't heard if it has a network yet.
I'm coming to the conclusion that we would be better off if they didn't any publish ratings data at all. :) The L+SD's are becoming
less relevant by the day, the somewhat more useful L+3's aren't as available as the used to be and the C3's are a trade secret. There
isn't enough good data to work with.

@IrrationaliTV I have one simple question which I think you can legitimately answer; are the L+3's for the show holding up ?
Yep. L3s and L7s make it the 4th highest ABC drama. Only the 3 Shondaland shows and Once Upon a Time get better ratings. I haven't seen the breakouts but I have to think AoS is 2nd or 3rd when it comes to men since it heavily over indexes with men especially compared to the rest of ABC's shows. 3 comedies also do a bit better than AoS in L3 and L7, Modern Family, black-ish and Goldbergs but that really isn't comparable.

That is all excluding sports, of course and only applies to the demo and not total viewers.

[ edited by IrrationaliTV on 2014-11-20 02:45 ]
Thanks. So based on past performance the C3's are at least doing OK and given the high male demo actually even better than that.

What we are seeing looks like to me is simply a shift towards preferring a recorded viewing. And with the fast forward button
going away soon the show is going to be doing very well imho.
You are correct, JDL. The show is doing great even though that is a foreign feeling for a lot of people in the Whedon fandom. :) And as I've said many times, the real revenue that this show generates is not publicly measured or reported by Nielsen but appears to be very healthy. There is absolutely nothing to worry about especially as long as the show continues to fire on all cylinders creatively. A little TV award season love for Kyle Maclachlan wouldn't hurt either. I hope ABC can rev up the PR machine for that.
I'm asking for a VCR for Christmas. I like FF.
I've been yearning for a VCR, too, hann23. FF and mute are two of my favorite buttons.
I don't mind commercials, but I hate not having access to FF, as I have a tendency to fall asleep whilst watching, and when I get the chance to watch again, I need the ability to FF through the part I've already watched.
What's happening to FF (with DVR's I'm guessing?)?
It's already disable on (most? all?) "On Demand" offerings. I don't know what is happening that others have referenced.
Time Warner has patented a way to disable the fast-forward function on their DVR's. They have not yet deployed this technology or announced any specific plans to do so, but many people think the writing is on the wall.

If that happens, I guess my "appointment viewing" will be cut down to a very select few shows.
Pretty much what AndrewCrossett said. To which I would add that iirc there was a report in the press last year that the software had been accidentally deployed. Chaos ensued.

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