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November 20 2014

Out in March 2015 - "Firefly Revisited: Essays on Joss Whedon's Classic Series". "Individual essays explore the series' place in the history of the space-Western subgenre, the political economy of the Alliance, and the uses of music and language in the series to immerse audiences in a multicultural future."

It's available for pre-order at and

Holy Hannah! Why so expensive????
petranef, scholarly texts generally have very small audiences, hence they have to be high priced. I ran up against this in grad school, and since, when I've gone after the scholarly texts, particularly those addressing such a small niche as this. They have to pay for it somehow!

Meanwhile, what I want to know is, in this book, does anybody talk about the dancing? As someone who has been involved in the traditional dance world for about 30 years, both "Safe" and "Shindig" are really interesting to me! And as far as I can tell, no one has written about this. Hm - maybe this is my excuse to interview Joss W!

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