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November 25 2014

Dark Shadows actress Kathryn Leigh Scott will appear on Agents of SHIELD. She says "The show is so secretive that I was never given a script, only my dialogue!"

Intriguing, quite intriguing.
Given nothing but her own lines? It's like the players in Shakespeare's London!
That level of secrecy tells me that the story she's in is directly connected to the movies... probably a setup for a big AoU tie-in.
She is in the opener for the 2nd half of the season on Mar 3rd. Isn't that more than a tad early for an AoU tie-in ?

They only gave her her dialogue. That implies to me that there are parts they are afraid of getting out which are in that part
of the script she didn't get. Otherwise there would be no point to it. It also implies (imho) that the second half will start
with a big surprise that can be badly ruined by spoiling. YMMV.
Just some random thoughts,

I do wonder if the somber tone of things Age of Ultron related, doesn't have added flair by things being found out.

So much of the final the push into the 3rd act of The Avengers, was held from Phil's death, that I wonder if finding out that he's alive might come into play for the Agents of SHIELD tie-in to the sequel.
Anything that ties, or will eventually tie, into the Marvel movies would be subject to the Super Top Secret policies. The tie-in might not be apparent until the actual movie comes out, but then it will presumably give AoS a ready-made direct connection to it.
Discovering that Coulson is alive would cause a falling out between Fury and the rest. It could be used to great dramatic effect. If other Avengers learned before others (and kept it hidden), it could cause further rifts. Really, Coulson being alive is ripe for dramatic tension.

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