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November 25 2014

Nicholas Brendon on Faking It tonight. Nicholas Brendon's Episode of "Faking It" is airing tonight on MTV.

It has already aired on the Easy Coast, West Coast is at 10:30 Pacific. Watch it while it's hot! Or later for free on (and possibly Hulu, not sure how quick it goes up there)

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Dunno if this was front page worthy, I know an article about his being cast was posted back in October. I figured many might not know when it was airing though, wish I'd gotten here earlier!

I will hold back my tears if this is deleted ;)

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Hey bobw10, have you guys been renewed yet?

While I haven't liked S2 that much I loved the first season and really hope the show continues.
In October MTV announced 10 more episodes for Season 2! Tonight Carter tweeted they'd probably start airing in April.

The developments from tonights episode should lead to some good storylines for the rest of the season. For my part I'm very interested in Lauren and Liam's futures.

Oh, and Rita is a huge fan of the BTVS :)
nicholas's voice tho... xander grew up lol
faking it is pretty good, also a couple of episodes this season were a little shaky tbh
but overall i love it a lot
The show is good and the "Brazilian" episode was fnny, even with some accents off. I hope they get a 3rd season.

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