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"Yeah, but she's our witch."
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November 26 2014

Morena Baccarin guest starred on this week's 'The Flash'. Spoilers if you haven't seen this week's episode.

I knew that voice was familiar but I never would have guessed it was Morena. Something about the snark should have given it away. :)
While I was watching, I saw the headline for this post and spent most of the episode wondering where she was. Right toward the end I figured it out.
Yeah - there was a word or two in there which had a ...telling amount of inflection on it.
Is this show any good? I watched the first couple minutes of the pilot and was unimpressed but maybe I didnt give it enough of a chance?
I enjoy it very much, Squishy. But I liked from the very beginning so YMMV.
I really like the show too.
I wasn't entirely sold on it at first (the Wooden Dialog Generator was out in force) but the way/extent to which they've been developing the characters and their inter-relationships is shaping up to be quite extraordinary.

ETA: Plus, he just seems so happy being a superhero... it's definitely not something you see very often of late.

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I like the show. It's definitely an enjoyable way to pass time before Agents of SHIELD airs.
I find it great to watch with my kids (9 and 11) as it's fairly grown up without being OTT on the sex and violence. It's also fantastic to watch a show about a hero who isn't all angsty about his powers and who genuinely gets a kick out of helping people.
My enjoyment of The Flash is why I binged my way through all of Arrow via Netflix, Amazon, and On Demand. Now ridiculously excited for the team-up event.
Thanks, everyone. I'll give it another shot.

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