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November 28 2014

Summer Glau's 'Knights of Badassdom' coming to Netflix. It will be available December 1st.

I reviewed it for the site I write for and I loved it. It is not as good as Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, for example, but it is still a fun ride.
Does anyone know which cut of the movie this is? I know there was a really protracted fight between the studio and the director (I think) over which cut of the movie to release, but I don't know how it played out.
I don't know that anything ever came out aside from the studio cut, which was indeed taken out of the director's hands. Have wanted to see this for a while, we'll definitely check it out now.
Was just lamenting a couple days ago that this was not available for streaming. I need to start doing that about other things and maybe they'll become available.
I was going to ask the same question as Agent.
I want to see the movie, but do not want to reward the bad behavior that was done to the director.
I had just looked for this on Netflix on Saturday so this is almost spooky great timing.

I've seen it on the big screen but would like to see it again and want my gamer roommate to see it as well as I suspect he might like it even more. It's not the best film ever but is good and funny overall and worth seeing, especially for fans of Summer or Peter Dinklage or the other main cast members.

It would also make a good double feature with either Role Models or Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. I'd have to see them all again to see which it pairs best with (I'd guess Role Models) and to see what the best sequencing would be.

This film did not get the release or push it deserved, even with the studio-director drama, so check it out while you can.

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