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November 28 2014

(SPOILER) First Clip for Agents of SHIELD S02E09 "Ye Who Enter Here". We learn a bit more on the City. Where it's located and its nature.

Interesting twist on the city. While the Caribbean has come up in the list of Attilan sites the underground aspect was one I don't
remember seeing before.
Still 70% sure this city will be abandoned. But I could see a Mist Bomb going off. Then they have the midseason break to plan which Inhumans would appear on the show. If I'm right they'll either create more OCs or use characters based off the current Inhumans book that just started this year. That would leave the Royal Family for 2018.
The biggest argument for a Terrigen bomb, IMHO, is that the movies heading to Civil War makes little sense with only like maybe a dozen or two meta-humans in the world. Set off something that activates Inhuman genes around the world, however...

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I'm really psyched by all of this! Can't wait till Tuesday!
Oo b!X that's excellent (and I'm angry I didn't think of it haha)
While I like to think AoS should be allowed to do some cool MCU-affecting stuff, and not have everything reserved for the movies... this one could get awkward. Going into the movies with Inhumans/mutants already an established reality would be confusing for the untold millions of movie viewers who don't watch the show.
Would it be any more confusing for people who watched The Dark World but not Avengers on how Loki is still alive and now in chains? Or how about all of us on how they fixed the bifrost or how Thor got back to Earth in Avengers?

This is the kind of stuff they gloss over in the movies.
I have a feeling Age of Ultron will address the origins and/or existence of Inhumans, if that scene at the end of CA:TWS is any indicator.

If all Marvel Comics Mutants are now eligible to be MCU Inhumans... who might Skye really be?
Powers may well be replicated but not characters and a lot of the impact of the latter is tied up in the character's back story.
Skye is Wolverine confirmed.
Huh. What was that look between Bobbi and Mack? I don't know if it was a commentary on Coulson's strategy or, like, moley goodness.
@jclemens: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are special exceptions in being both mutants and Avengers in the comics. Magneto being their father and other mutant-related characters are still off-limits in the MCU.

Depending on how they frame the relationship between the Royal Family and any new batch of Inhumans the movie could still work even with the new ones being discovered years before. Maybe Black Bolt was so isolated he doesn't hear about the new batch until movie time and would either want them to join his nation or he could take offense to them even existing if they wanted to go "edgy" with the character. Or the Royal Family doesn't reveal themselves until an external threat like a Kree attack causes them to want to recruit as many new Inhumans as possible.

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