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November 29 2014

The 13 coolest vampire films of all time. Yet another listicle at Salon (originally at IndieWire). This one gives the Buffy movie some love.

A deep and tender recommendation for "Only Lovers Left Alive".
Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton's exploration of a lingering
eternity that is agonizingly brief and fleeting.

Jim Jarmusch's elegantly minimal observation of a tragedy that
has unfolded for centuries with a wit drier than their ruby
draughts. Seeing our world through a vampire's eyes, it is
heartrending to realize how little we value or even perceive
the gift of life we have been granted.
It was cool to see a Korean and a Swedish movie in the list, but it looked more like a NY vampires flicks. Personally, I wold trow most of those to add Byzantium, 30 Days of Night, Nadja, Underworld and From Dusk Till Dawn.
I enjoyed both films but the original Swedish version "Let The Right One In" absolutely has the edge. I can't recommend sticking with the original enough, despite the remake being very good still.
Great to see Only Lovers Left Alive on the list. Of course it's more about eternal love than vampirism but still a great film. And I love 'Let the Right One In' too.
No way is Blade 2 better than the first Blade.

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