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December 01 2014

(SPOILER) Second clip for Agents of SHIELD S02E09 "Ye Who Enter Here". Raina returns, along with Billy Koenig, and a rather combative Skye.

So that's gotta be Agent 33 right?

I guess Skye really did get a lot of training from May in between seasons.
I like Skye's new combat skills. So much training with May has happened.
Yes, that is definitely Agent 33. You can see the burn marks on her left side of her face courtesy of Agent May in episode 4.
Poor Agent 33. I was hoping that May had shocked her straight (ala cognitive recalibration) back in episode 4.
Thanks hpgwbtvs. The show does seem to have a much better grasp on what each person's "function" in the group is. The one that seems underdeveloped to me is May though. I enjoyed her conversation with Coulson when she didn't want to kill him if he went crazy. But other then that, she's mainly still stoic. In order for that to change I'd say she needs a situation where she has no moves left, she can't fight or talk her way out of something. I want to see a may whose lost control of the situation and herself.
So there's a Hydra agent in the playground? Looks like that mole theory is getting stronger. Who is going to comply? Gemma? Bobbi? Mac?

My money's on Mac, think of the emotional damage to Fitz.
@chromatose. My money's on Mac, think of the emotional damage to Fitz. That's really mean, so you are probably right. Sob.

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