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December 01 2014

Autographed Serenity filming slate up for auction. Castle crew member Jay Galbo (lighting technician on Serenity) has put up for auction a filming slate from Serenity to benefit the Providence Saint Joseph Foundation.

(Can someone buy this for me for Christmas please. It's my birthday the week before if that helps! :p )

Oh, there's also one from Castle up for auction too (Link contains spoiler from next week's Castle) Link and a lunch with Castle creator Andrew Marlowe & EP Terri Miller Another Link
WAY! too expensive for that slate for me.

It's not even a digital one with led SMPTE counter :P
(why are these slates that expensive, can some one explain this- Alway wanted one)
This one is so expensive because it was used on Serenity and is signed.

A standard blank "dumb" slate isn't much more than $50, the nicer ones around $50. I do not know how much it costs to get the names etched, probably not too much.

A smart slate (with the digital timecode read out) costs around $1200

As of 9 years ago you could find slates as cheap as $25, but they weren't professional quality. I ordered some and had them etched for awards at my film school. They're great for display, just wouldn't survive a real movie.

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