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December 01 2014

(SPOILER) Jeff Bell addresses the current season of Agents of SHIELD and upcoming episode developments. Newsarama interviews the executive producer about this season structure and other Season 2 related topics.

I need tomorrow's episode scanned into my brain right now.
I'm camping out all night to see tomorrow's episode.
I pre-ordered online. Hope it gets delivered today.
That was a really good interview - did a better job than most of describing the day to day thinking that goes into connecting individual episodes to connecting half seasons to overall arc.

It's also been nice this year to read interviews where the general tone isn't "Why does your show suck so bad?" There's been a real ground swell of support for this show which I think they've earned
I agree... next up, hopefully: a ground swell of viewership, which they have also earned but have so far not gotten.
Fantastic interview. It shows that they really do put a lot of thought into setting up characters (Ward) and episodes, and yet they can roll with things and build on them as they go (Reina becoming a more popular character, and more deeply involved in the mythology).

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