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December 02 2014

Age of Ultron reshoots scheduled for the UK. Age of Ultron reshoots to take place in the UK some time in January. Also news on Avengers 3 and 4.

Really? They are going to shoot 3 and 4 three years ahead of the release date? I'd look at this suspiciously.
If true, it would almost certainly rule out the Russos directing it. That's the most interesting thing about this rumor to me.
Sounds like breathlessly inaccurate internet reporting on 3&4, but the Ultron reshoots are reported elsewhere and if you're looking for some conjecture (with actual spoilers, Devin's read the script apparently) on what those reshoots might mean in light of recent Marvel Studios project announcements, head on over to Badass Digest for more. There is at least one plot spoiler in the article so I'm not even going to link to it.
But isn't that why we have ( SPOILER ) tags?

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