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December 02 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x09 "...Ye Who Enter Here". The episode was written by Paul Zbyszewski and directed by Billy Gierhart.

A Charlie Brown Christmas should make for a good lead-in.
Yeah... if a new Toy Story special (or was it a commercial?) and A Charlie Brown Christmas can't bump the ratings, nothing can.
TV on, sushi prepped, let's get this party started!
Got so busy watching... what was before AoS?
"Yeah... if a new Toy Story special (or was it a commercial?) and A Charlie Brown Christmas can't bump the ratings, nothing can."

Molding minds, THE WHEDON WAY!!

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Already the "previously on" is exciting!
Dream sequence....
A flower dress.... huh
Gah i'm late, what happened?
Ooh! Foreshadowing.
Whoa, May in pearls! 50's-tastic! Also; mini Lola!
Wait... what's male Simmons doing? Is he just vibing on Mockingjay and Hunter? Or is that another triangle...
Aw, Trip is ever the optimist. Do. Not. Kill. Him.
It was almost like a prophetic dream...
"Something bad is about to happen." Well duh!
I didn't like that look...
Mack and Mockingbird... WTF?
Hahahaha! Come here. Give me a hug.... LOVE.
"It was almost like a prophetic dream..."
Numfar PTB

Wonder where we've seen that before?
Whoa Agent Koenig has a TARDIS in his umbrella.
Invisibility cloak. How Harry!
Yaaaaaaay, Koenig!!
That was a nifty trick. I want an umbrella of invisibility. Invisi-brella?
We might have to stark calling Koenig "Multiple Man"!
Comments getting eaten. Shorter javelina: that dream felt the way actual bad dreams do and I am totally freaked out.

Cheering to see Koenig to the rescue!

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Whoa Agent Koenig has a TARDIS in his umbrella.
Sunfire | December 03, 03:09 CET

Invisibility cloak. How Harry!
Nebula1400 | December 03, 03:09 CET

Yaaaaaaay, Koenig!!
Squishy | December 03, 03:09 CET

I wub you...
I want an umbrella of invisibility.

Me too!
How many of him are there?
Has anyone been keeping track of all his names?
Whoa Agent Koenig has a TARDIS in his umbrella.
Sunfire | December 03, 03:09 CET

Invisibility cloak. How Harry!
Nebula1400 | December 03, 03:09 CET

Yaaaaaaay, Koenig!!
Squishy | December 03, 03:09 CET

I wub you...



Love the Koenigs! :D
I hope they keep us guessing about how many Koenigs there are. I think there have been 3 so far.
OMG I was right! May's face DID get stuck on Agent 33's face!

Happy dance. I am seldom right.
Okay, stop busting Simmons balls about the love thing. srrsly.
It's canada.

Ha, burn!
May: "What? No hug for me?"
Wait what? What "other thing"?
Hunter is a Hydra sleeper agent.
Is that Patton Oswald's badass walk?
The "other thing" Hrrrrrm.
Wow. Skye got good!
Really enjoying the evolution of Skye this season.
Damn Skye v A33! Baad aass.
Oh, so much to comment on!

Now we know how Simmons feels, time to drop the bomb on Fitz. :(

Either Bobbi and Mac are Hydra agents, or they have been having an affair and want a threesome with Hunter. ;).
I am super impressed to see Skye break out some gun-kata! :) (see Equilibrium for the awesomeness of gun-kata)
@NumfarPTB - I agree! A year ago I wasn't fascinated by either Skye or Ward and now look at me.

In other news, wtf other thing?!
@chrisobrien solidarity on gun-kata love.

Back to the fight scene!
I love San juan!
This episode is funny.
They keep offering to help Agent 33, but don't actually carry her back to base to do it. They've beat her up often enough now.
Is it shallow to say that Coulson is looking pretty hot in his Puerto Rico outfit?
Mockingbird cleavage.
These strained FitzSimmons scenes hurt me.
But he is better. Now I'm going to cry.
"You know why" .

Darn, when Fitz hurt, I hurt.
I'm a little annoyed with Fitz though. (Still love him!)
It's HYDRA, you'll need a shotgun...
Why do you think I brought you?

Love this.

Bobbi is doomed.
"Sounds a little Harry Potter to me." HA!
Raina, you asshole.
This episode is going by too quickly.
set icers to stun.

Set van to kill.
A33 makes a phone call.
"I'm over here!"


Nice moment. And again they're packing a ton in.
I'm also a bit annoyed with Fitz. Stop pretending you know best and let the woman speak! Of course, if he doesn't let her speak, he never has to hear how she feels.

Getting a little more hinting at a Mac/Fitz ship.

also, Best Man = WARD!
Bobbi is doomed? Is it this mission of this show to kill all the Marvel comics characters? No wonder they can't have Iron Man on it!
Yeh, why is Bobbi doomed?
Tripp with the relevant questions!
I agree with Nebula - I don't think Bobbi can be doomed quite yet.
13? I bet that's the truth.
Oh great. Legends.
@Nebula1400 to tell a great lie, make it a half truth. So I bet there's actually 26.
Those hydra agents bounced of the van, like officer Lamson off Rick's cop car Sunday.
"Yeh, why is Bobbi doomed?"

"I don't think Bobbi can be doomed quite yet."

"Yeh, why is Bobbi doomed?"

Because we like her. :/
"Freaks" aka people with powers?
@Nebula1400 to tell a great lie, make it a half truth. So I bet there's actually 26.



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Dear SHIELD, if you have invisible planes, just what do you think aliens who can build cities underground have?
roddikinathome, we like them all!

I'm worried about Fitz right now.

Edit: whoops, now I'm worried about Mac. Damn.

[ edited by javelina on 2014-12-03 03:45 ]
Human but with potential to be more a.k.a. in humans.
So who's worthy?
Terrigen Bomb.....
Try kneeling! It worked for Indian Jones...
Mack is going to be eaten.
Don't kill Mack!!!
Yeah she said "Kree."
Oh no.. nononononononoooooo
Uh oh Mac.
Sunfire | December 03, 03:44 CET

Mack is going to be eaten.
Nebula1400 | December 03, 03:44 CET

Don't kill Mack!!!
ActualSize | December 03, 03:45 CET

Holy shit. And where have I seen that before?
Wtf just happ'd?!
So is Whitehall sending Ward or Pap Doc?
In Guardians of the Galaxy?

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2014-12-03 03:48 ]
Someone isn't wor-thy.

(actually he probably is, I just wanted to say that line).

Also, yay Kree!
NFW! Guardians connection??? Question?!
This joke brings me no joy, just so you know.

I'm wrong about GoG... Never mind.

So is Whitehall sending Ward or Pap Doc?


One of those.
Has there been zero Ward this week so far?
Yep. Zero Ward. Except for a mention by Skye.
Sunfire, correct, no Ward as I type. This will change.
Mac HAS been eaten.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2014-12-03 04:05 ]
I assume he's Whitehall's "best man" as well. And there he is!
Skye, don't go with him!
NOOOOOO Mack! At least Fitz didn't have to kill him, but NOOOOO!
Skye had to go with him, otherwise there wouldn't be something to look forward to next week!
That. Wasn't. Mack!!?
well... he might come in handy when Whitehall's "best man" gets down there... just sayin'.
OK we've had a literal cliffhanger and it wasn't even the end. What just happened? Comics people?
well... he might come in handy when Whitehall's "best man" gets down there... just sayin'.

Oh, I hope so.
Maybe the city took real Mack prisoner, and sent up evil duplicate Mack? Maybe real Mack is still alive? *clings to implausible hope*
Ooh! 2-hour premier of Agent Carter.
... so Whitehall has no idea who Skye is? Interesting.
Mack was alien zombie'd. He's Mack, but he isn't anymore.
Did I see Mack in next weeks preview?
A Ward let the others live.

Skye-Daddy is going to fricassee Whitehall.
Great episode tonight.Wasn't expecting what happened to Mac.
So Mack became Illyria.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2014-12-03 04:11 ]
What a thrill ride - this show just keeps getting better!
We saw Nick and May so obviously Hydra agents are as good a shot as your average stormtrooper. Wow, that was a good episode. And if the stakes are high this week, imagine how bad it will be after next week's episode!
Good point, Chris, sort of spoils the cliffhanger huh?
It's Mack but I can't seem to ever remember the k.
Impatient people who left the show by episode 6 have no idea what they are missing. Fools! They belong at the bottom of that pit, instead of of Mac/Mack/Scary Guy.
Nah. There's too much great tv right now to stick with a show you don't like. And let's end that train of thought right here.
It should be Mack, for Mackenzie.

Going back to fix it, because I get OCD of the spelling...
OK, Sunfire. No more of that Whedon-history defensiveness! :D
Nebula, I like "Skye-Daddy"!

And yes, he IS going to fricassee Whitehall. I'm looking forward to it! Though it may not happen next week. I imagine Whitehall will be indulging in a spot of vivisection. On Skye.

Reed Diamond is doing a fantastic job. I hate him so much.
I dont' want to lose Mack, but man... the tension when Fitz almost had to shoot him was insanely great. Also loved Koenig's rescue moment and quite a few others. Every week now I'm saying how happy I am to be loving this show. Never got to watch anything but Dollhouse when it was new and didn't love it like this.
I have a feeling Daniel Whitehall is not going to survive next week's episode.
Ratings are going to interesting this week and next. NCIS is in reruns but otoh its X-Mas.
Reed Diamond is doing a fantastic job. I hate him so much.



Plus if he dies, we won't be able to hate him longer.
@Nebula - that's the thing! They'll have to come up with someone we can love to hate just as much.
I love hating Ward more than I love hating Whitehall.
Did we ever find out about the other thing?
Squishy - I hate loving Ward. Obviously I have issues.

And no, we don't know about the other thing! Aaaarrrggghh.
Zing! Javelina with the issues!
Regarding the "Other thing": possibly Bobbi has a "mutiny plan" to stop Coulson in case he, like Fury, wanted to use whatever they found as a weapon. That would explain why she seemed so surprised that Coulson wanted to bury the City and not exploit it for its power, as she would expect Fury to do.

[ edited by Penthos on 2014-12-03 04:58 ]
So, is Bobbi answering to Fury?
"Did we ever find out about the other thing?"

No, we didn't so I hope that means Mac somehow survived that 100(?) foot drop so we can find out what that other thing is.

Don't kill Mack, writers, please!
Couple o' comments

Thought the episode was good although there was a certain redundancy to some scenes. Raina going over the whole "special" concept, Simmons revisiting the underwater events w/ Fitz. Thought it was plodding at times - like they didn't have quite enough material to get us to the finale.

That said:

LOVED every scene Patton was in - I hope they never explain the Koenig brothers.

Ward's appearance as new/confident/still crazy Hydra free agent was terrific

As to the "other thing" My guess is, based on Bobbi's conversation with Coulson, that Mack and Bobbi plan on getting their hands on the Diviner and keeping it as a powerful weapon to use for the forces of good. It's the ol' LOTR riff - "why destroy the ring, if WE had it think of the good we could do!"
@Nebula Actually, I'm suggesting the opposite, that possibly Bobbi is trying to prevent Fury-like action by Coulson. Plus she's clearly close with Mack. I'm sure Mack expressed the same concerns about Coulson's "crazy" behavior with Bobbi as he did with Hunter. I'm suggesting that the "other thing" is a plan to shut Coulson down if he goes nuts or evil with the "WMD".
Could the "other thing" be Hawkeye?
They *did* mention something about trying again whatever Hartley was attempting.
OK. That makes sense, Penthos.
It would be cool if Hawkeye showed up, but it would only happen with a promise that a mystery Avenger will appear.
It was an Ok episode. I liked it especially Fitz almost shooting Mack, and am interested in the "other thing" (Hartley was involved, perhaps they want to set up there own agency that isn't as moral as Coulson and more like how Fury ran things). Sam/Billy was fun and this is the first time we've seen Skye actually show off she can now take care of herself in the field.

But the FitzSimmons and Raina stuff felt like a retread of what we already know. And the Ward standoff was dull because it's predictable to finally have Skye meet her Dad before winter break and instant life-or-death threats to half the cast don't work for me because I know network TV would not actually massacre it's protagonists like that. Only time I can think of where it actually happened was toward the end of Lost S6 when they killed off 3 characters we'd known since the beginning in 10 minutes. But that show's cast was already large.

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They may well kill off a protagonist or two, Dusk. It's still a Whedon show, even if Joss is only perusing the scripts. If it suits the story, it will happen, or at least someone will lose an eye.
Someone in another venue posted that the tune on that music box was "Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do". Can anyone confirm that ?
As in Daisy Johnson... whose father is Mister Hyde (oohhh... the Doctor)? Daisy is Quake. Hmmm...
Yeahhhhh Could be ! :)
It's definitely "Daisy, Daisy," and Skye's dress has daisies on it.
Sam and Billy each say the other is the shorter one. :D
Thought this ep was mostly a let-down. Mostly spinning wheels and building up suspense. Might be worth it if next week's ep pays off at least.
I noticed "Daisy," too. My first thought was that it was a 2001 reference.
random nerd musing: how cool would it be if what happened to Mac is a surprise reveal that he IS Power Man?
How cool would it be if this is the way they reveal their Luke Cage casting for the upcoming Netflix show : you've already been watching him all season on Agents of SHIELD?

(As for what happened: I'm guessing if Kree aliens experimented on humans a long time ago, then what happened to Mac is probably another form of human experiment. and he'll be fine. Hopefully he's just lost in some initial overload rage, but will emerge as a superhuman type.) (and then quit SHIELD and move to Hell's Kitchen. maybe write a book under the pseudonym Luke Cage)
My thoughts:

1. The "other thing" Bobbi initial thought was that she has a baby somewhere (and Nick's the unknowing Dad). It might be interested, because it would give Nick one solid allegiance. I don't know if he would risk his life to rescue any of the SHIELD members or even Bobbi, but he might for his kid? Only we already did that last season, so maybe not. Well, my bet is either the baby, or that Mac/k and/or Bobbi are also not-quite-humans-via-Kree-I-really-hope-they-just-come-out-and-say-inhuman-because-this-is-getting-really-long.

2. Geez, Ward. Kidnapping Skye twice is not the way to gain her affections. I wonder what he meant by "insurance" policy. Maybe he thinks, if he has control of Skye, then Skye-Daddy can't kill him? Like, Skye-Daddy won't throw a bomb on top of Ward if Skye is nearby. So it could be that sort of insurance. Another idea is that it is his insurance that SHIELD will follow him to wherever he is going.

3. On that note, I have decided that Ward is Team Ward. He's just a third party in all of this (fourth, if we don't count Skye-Daddy and Hydra as the same team). I think he has his own agenda, and I want to know what it is. After all, he was able to play Coulson et al. last year quite easily. He could easily be playing HYDRA and Skye-Daddy. But if his ultimate goal isn't Skye, I wonder who he is working for. He fell apart last season when Garrett stopped giving him orders, which makes me think that someone must be giving him orders now.

4. I want it to be next Tuesday!

5. I, surprisingly, want Mac to live more than I wanted Trip to live.

6. Hug of doom, you guys. Skye and Coulson hugged? She's going evil, I can feel it in my...the suspicious area of my brain.
Nick is the actor. The character is Lance. :)
@RoguePirateBunny -
1. - No way the "other thing" is a child, IMO. This is "Agents of Shield", not "Days of our Lives" ... That would be VERY disappointing.
6. - "Hug of Doom": I hope like hell they don't have Skye turn to "the Dark Side". Talk about a tired, over-used trope. Skye is a good guy, plain and simple.
Ward is fulfilling his promise to Skye to take her to her father. I think he has a pretty good idea what's going to happen when those two are reunited, and that things will quickly spiral out of Whitehall's control... which is why he's willing to openly disregard his orders already.
@Nebula1400-Oh it's possible someone will die but I'd be very surprised if it had been in episode 9 of a 22 episode season, and it won't be by destroying the Bus as one of our main settings either. Mac might die but the show needs to avoid "endangering" half the cast in predictable ways like this episode if they want me to feel suspense.

Penthos-No way will they let the character they tried/are trying to make 2nd lead go really evil. *Maybe* corrupted by her Dad for a few episodes or out of control with her powers. But nothing actually evil or morally grey like intentionally or accidentally decapitating Simmons.

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Mac nooooooooooo!


Coulson ;___; please save him.

I want to kick Ward out of a plane with a large rock strapped to his back and watch him go splat. I prefer crazy locked up Ward - to messed up love struck villain Ward.

What were Mac and Bobbi hiding? Hmmm. Maybe what to do when Coulson goes nuts and starts stabbing people.

Sky is finally gonna meet daddy dearest. Is Whitehall going to figure it out?
The Other Thing: I really like the idea that Bobbi and Mack were thinking of a mutiny in case Coulson went bad. The seed of both of them being moles was planted early, which is what the writers wanted us to think, I'm sure. This doesn't feel like a cop out, making them be concerned. The scene could play out multiple ways, and the groundwork was laid for all of them. Great job writers!

on treading water: I can see this a little bit, but I think they were called for. Since we are on the verge of some big questions being answered, it's good to remind people of all the lead up to this very big moment. Fitz and Simmons have been dancing all season, and in fact they are STILL dancing. Fitz is expressing himself w/out letting Gemma do the same. It makes me thinkg less of him a bit. Gemma can be a strong character, let her speak!

on going Evil: I don't see Skye becoming evil. Nothing about her character has even hinted at the Dark Side. She is a young Coulson, idealistic and consciously trying to be good and moral. There may be some issues with dealing with her new power (which I hope isn't creating earthquakes, that would be pretty dumb and useless for a SHIELD agent).

on Ward: I agree that Ward is on Team Ward. He used the time in captivity to take charge of his life: no more Garrett to tell him what to do. He says he takes responsibility for his actions, but I think he is incapable of seeing himself as a bad person. Whether he tortured his brother on his own or was pushed by his brother, he still did bad things. He keeps doing bad things, but he desperately wants Skye to forgive him and love him. I think everything he is doing is working towards that goal. He's not a Hydra believer, but he makes them thing he is. He wants Skye to meet her father, because that's what Sky wants, and if she becomes a "monster" too, maybe the two of them will be together. Bringing Skye to the Doctor will also put him on Doc's good side. He hopes.

on Whitehall: He may be flayed or pureed next episode (though keeping him around will help tie in with Baron Von Strucker for Avengers), but we will still plenty of villains: Ward, Doc, most likely Raina (who knows what she will do once she Becomes) and unfortunately Mack. Sniff.
@chrisobrien - Re: Whitehall - "flayed or puréed" OR dissected while alive, by Skye-Daddy (I'm adopting Nebula's terminology until we know his Marvel name). Which would be fair but would definitely earn that parental advisory ... Not that the previous vivisection scene was easy to watch.
Regarding "the other thing", I wouldn't be surprised if Bobbi and Mack are working for S.W.O.R.D. and answering directly to Fury himself. You know he's at least semi-aware of the Kree/Inhuman situation, especially since he had access to Agent Carter's original files. I'm sure Fury's been planning for this day for years, slowly setting up S.W.O.R.D. to go on the offensive. He may have even accelerated his plans in the wake of the events in Thor and The Avengers. And last year he pulled a similar "keeping tabs on Coulson's mission without telling him" stunt with May, so there is a precedent.
I don't think they can have SWORD in the MCU because it's technically an X-Men thing. I read that last year in a CBR interview with Jed and Maurissa I think.
Well that's a bummer because didn't JOss come up with it?
Think so. Apparently it took him a really long time to come up with a name that fit with the acronym!
Maybe S.W.O.R.D. is one of those things that the legalese allows? Isn't there also H.A.M.M.E.R., S.T.R.I.K.E., A.I.M., H.A.T.E., U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M., S.I.L.E.N.T., and entities without spelling bee acronyms. Maybe they'll make up a new one that will then appear in the comics, something along the lines of H.A.N.D. (High Alert National Defense), F.I.S.T. (Fury's Inhuman Spy Team), M.E.A.N.S. (Mutant Enemy Acronym Name Substitute).
Personally, I don't have to believe that everyone is actual going to die to enjoy the suspense of wondering how they'll get out of a predicament of impending death. All action shows/movies have at least an element of this. For me, SHIELD is doing it better than many at this point, and I don't think they expect us to genuinely fear for the Bus.
M.E.M.E. (Mutant Enemy Meta Examples) F.I.R.E.F.L.I.E.S. (For Internet Fans Raging Eternally for Frustratingly Losing Incredibly Endearing Show.) S.U.N.N.Y.D.A.L.E (Still Used Now for Newbies Your DVDs Are Loaned to Eventually).

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L.A.D. (LOL @Dusk.)
I don't fear for the Bus at all, but I do fear for Mack.
@QuingTing-For me since the Bus is the one constant set they have it's hard for me to believe they'd get rid of it. Like Big Bang Theory wouldn't burn down Sheldon and Penny's apartments for example. If I know it's unlikely to happen I can't feel suspense. It's one of the reasons I can't stand legal procedural shows. They rarely if ever actually put their protagonists at risk and each episode is usually catching a generic killer. Thankfully SHIELD seems to be moving away from the procedural leanings it had in the first half of S1.

@Nebula1400-H.A.A.W. (How Awesome Are We?).

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I caught up with the episode today. I'm sorry I missed the live discussion but things are hectic in another more musical fandom. Big tix sale coming up-- lots of fretting and refreshing web pages for secret sale codes. It's not even Comic Con!

I liked this episode but it was not my favorite. There were times the dialogue again felt a little too cute and forced. But still I did enjoy it and I thought it was worlds better then many eps from S1. Here are some observations:

- I can't stand the idea of Mac dying. I can't do it. I'll be VERY upset. I think he just became a bad guy though for a little while.

- My fav scene was the discussion between Rania and Skye. It was exposition heavy but both stayed in character and it all fit. I loved the way the reveal was given to Rania. She's great. I hope we keep her.

- I could have used more Whitehall this ep but alas I'm hopeful for more villain funnext week.

- I don't like what's happening between Fitz and Simmons but I do like that it's a realistic portrayal. In fact, I'm glad the writers are making that situation awkward, tense and full of unresolved junk. It hurts to watch. That's good stuff right there.

- I'm not worried for the Bus. There's always another jet somewhere. I think it would be kind of cool to see them parachute exit all at once.

Overall, this seemed to be a set up and get us all the info ep before next week. It succeeded. It was just a little awkward in parts.
Patton Oswalt tweeted that they cut one of his lines in the episode. After Ward asked "how many of you are there?" Billy was supposed to say "you'll see."

I'm sorry they cut it, because that was a cool line. But maybe they thought it would be too much to have Ward threatened by two nerds in such quick succession.
Possible tie to SHIELD in the Inhuman comics:
Maybe SWORD falls under the same category as Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch?
I really hope so.
@Nebula1400 -- That fate would be cool, assuming he gets to stay a regular part of the show. :)
I just found this thanks to Wikipedia. Apparently there was an alternate ending to Thor filmed where Stellan Skarsgard and Natalie Portman open a portal to try and bring back Thor. Stellan mentions SWORD as the originator of some of the tech he's using. I'm hoping this means that Marvel Studios owns it, but it could very well be an "alternate ending" because they didn't have the rights. The mystery deepens.

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I had hoped that when S.H.I.E.L.D. was supposedly shooting dangerous artifacts into the sun with the Slingshot, they were really sending them up to be retrieved by S.W.O.R.D.'s orbiting space station. But, they were really just being stored in the Fridge.

I guess AoS didn't have the budget for a space station.
Ah, hell. They can make a space station by gluing together old disposable razors like in the Star Trek: TNG days.
I now think Skye is Daisy Johnson. Daughter of a villain (Dr. Zabo/Hyde), taken in by Shield, and groomed by the director.

The song "Daisy Bell" played in background during her dream sequence at the start of the episode.

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My hot takes:

1) I think the "Other Thing" Mockingbird is talking about is the Avengers. They're talking about joining the Avengers, and they're keeping tabs on SHIELD for them.

2) Whatever happened to Mack is temporary, and it's the same thing that happened to Skye's Dad/the Doctor. His wife was an Inhuman, and he knew if he went into the temple, he'd get the same weird, uncontrollable power. He did it on purpose after her death. Mack is now damaged goods, but may be able to reel it in.

3) Ward is trying to triple agent Hydra. He wants Skye, and he also wants to prove his "loyalty" to Coulson. As his brother said, he's delusional and twists everything. He thinks he's redeemable even though everyone else (Coulson et al, not necessarily us, the audience) know he's a monster. Quazimodo. Can't truly love Skye because all his actions are driven by self-interest. Have we seen this before? Feels oddly familiar...

That's it. That's where I'm at. Peace love and harmony, y'all.
What was the word that Mack said to Coulson right after he hulked out?
AndrewCorssett-He just said "Run."
super good call on the familiar Quasimodo thing, I totally agree.

I think the Other Thing is them being prepared to mutiny though, keeping tabs on Coulson. I can't believe there's any question honestly! Mack was sketched out about Coulson after what he saw, it was reinforced every episode between then and now at least once, and then this ep we get this-- I think it's just a continuation of the previous.

Theory I have less confidence in-- this whole jokey business of Mack trying to get his hands on Lola... If he lives/ is himself again I wonder if that's what they're going to use to be the link between him and Coulson, either to prevent him from betraying him when it comes down to it, or how Coulson will show him he's forgiven and one of them after the betrayal.
Quick thought as to why Fitz keeps cutting Simmons off and won't let her talk... He thinks she is going to say she doesn't love him and he just can't bear to hear it.
agree. [he may be correct :( ]

[ edited by aphasia on 2014-12-05 17:47 ]

The reason I'm skeptical about the mutiny thing is because of the mention of Hartley, who wasn't part of Coulson's SHIELD and didn't live long enough to observe it. Otherwise, your theory fits. That may still be what it is, but the Hartley involvement is the monkey wrench for me. I also strongly believe the show is going to crossover with AOU in a fairly substantial way, especially given how successful the Winter Soldier tie-in was. I think the only thing keeping this show on the air live and not on Netflix is because of that controlled serialized story-telling that you can't do binge watching.

As for the Quasimodo thing, that thought occurred to me as I was posting, and then I remembered that Jeff Bell compared Ward to Spike earlier this week. Then I smacked my forehead in solid "duh" fashion.

I'll be honest, I completely missed the Lola thing this week. Just wasn't paying attention and haven't gone back to rewatch.


Pretty positive that's what Fitz is afraid of. I have no idea what it is she does want to say to him, but I think that's what it is too. I mean, I don't think she's done an about face and wants to be his shmoopy now.
She won't and then he'll die, and she'll be wracked with guilt. Either that or she will get all shmoopy and then she'll die.
No one dies. It's much easier to enjoy the show that way. Anticipating/Fearing/Obsessing(ruminating endlessly on the same meme) the stakes having, you know, stakes ruins it for me. YMMV.
Hey I wouldn't mind if someone dies ! I nominate Whitehall. Make that Whitehall killed in the Temple by a super pissed off Skyepop.
garyyager, sounds like you're right about Skye being Daisy Johnson. Read this Marvel Wikia entry, ya'll: Doesn't match the show exactly, but similarities between TV show and comic book origins/backstory too similar to ignore.. Cool ! I don't think anyone had enough clues to pin that down until two important hints were given--a doctor being Skye's father and that Daisy song in the nightmare sequence this week (which yes, will forever remind me of the oddball/creepy scene from 2001).

Though if they go the comic book route, then Skye's a result of her father experimenting on himself and altering his own genes, she's not necessarily an Inhuman. But in the TV series, it looks like her father mated with one (instead of with a normal human who also happened to be a prostitute), so Skye's half Inhuman and half, errr, umm, mutate ? Simpler for TV to streamline it all and just have her be an Inhuman. Curious to see if they go the Hyde route with her father (a Marvel villain who I'd forgotten about and didn't encounter much when I used to read Marvel comics and watch some of the cartoons).

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Plus, Skye-Daddy becomes something frightening when he's angry.
Yeah, it sounds like it's a lot more Hulk-like in the TV series...but in the comics, doesn't sound like it's triggered by anger--he just takes or injects the serum any time he wants to change. They could go the Steve Rogers super soldier serum excuse if they want--that Skye's dad was trying to replicate it.
I'd say I'm 80% sure Skye-dad is going to be Mr. Hyde from the comics (though I don't think they'll actually call him that.) He only appears to be a normal man, yet he's capable of taking out an entire village of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents all by himself. And they have so far carefully avoided showing him actually raging.
He took out HYDRA agents. Whitehall killed Skye's mother and stole her healing/aging factor. They must have got their hands on baby Skye as well. A SHIELD team managed to steal Baby Skye away from them. Daddy showed up and slaughtered the HYDRA team starting that false rumor a village got killed. By S1 all but one of the SHIELD agents who rescued baby Skye were dead, probably killed off by the HYDRA within SHIELD. Skye bounced around in the system from family to family to make her hard to track. As an adult she got into hacking and we know the rest.

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