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December 03 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith Season 10 #9. It's the fourth part of the "Lost and Found" arc.

I have Angel & Faith # 9,Part IV of "Lost And Found."

Keeping this short.It was a okay issue .Not bad,not good.Fair.Right now I'm more interested in the Faith side of the story and can't wait for Faith and Riley to have a heart to heart.Like the brief interaction between them here.

The Angel side,I really need the pay off next issue to have more thoughts on it.

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Missing a lot of issues here in Europe. - What I want to better understand how Amy went from (her mother's victim to rat to) addict to bad since seasons 6/7. Was being captured in the crater enough to turn her thus evil? Moreover I didn't buy her rescuing Warren. Why would she have done that? Where was the connection before Joss' little season 8 adjustment?

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