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December 07 2014

Much Ado About Nothing has set a Guinness world record. "Most people recording commentary for a Blu-Ray DVD". The recording had 16 people.

The wording's a little ambiguous, so the record could be higher for commentaries recorded for a regular DVD.

And, of course, that doesn't take into account commentaries that weren't submitted to Guiness.
I submit all my commentaries to Guinness,
except for those I submit to Harp.
I wish I could listen to this but it never got licensed for the UK. But congrats to the cast and crew!
Sixteen people for a commentary is crazy. It is often funny, almost always ridiculous, and sometimes like listening to a party where everyone is talking at once. Glad there is also a commentary with less people to balance it out. Now I'm wishing there was another musical commentary, though I guess it may be impossible to top the original. Commentary! The Musical was one of my favorite things Joss has ever created or co-created. (Also, how many people are in Commentary! The Musical? It seems like it could be more than 16.)

Edit: Okay, I used that whole Google thing and found it only had a measly 13 people. Maybe the sequel could have 18!

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Ain't no such thing as a Blu-ray DVD.
I think they meant it in the sense of DVD extra on the Blu-Ray?
Commentary: The Haiku
Commentary: The Skaldic Ballad
Commentary: The Autostereogram
Did Commentary! The Musical also set a world record? If not, it should (if it is the only musical commentary, is it?).

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What an extremely strange thing to care about.

Also commentaries with more than 2 or 3 people seem pretty pointless, as they are usually quite hard to follow, since people tend to talk over each other. I think my favorite commentary ever was Joss's for "Objects in Space."

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