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December 08 2014

(SPOILER) "Quite possibly, the best episode of the series to date" - an AoS mid-season finale review. It seems something new is on the horizon. io9 says the episode "will blow your mind".

That last paragraph makes me think they'll reveal Skye's species and/or power in the final scene.

Now as to that "new emblem" before the post-credits scene? I have no clue unless it turns out Mack and Bobbi are part of another organization after all.

Also, io9 says the episode will "Blow Your Goddamn Mind".

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I dont really agree with the idea that the humor deflected the seriousnes of situations, i think it actually enhanced it, but other that that, good to hear good feedback and that it will be a proper finale and not just a long interruptus.
Correction in the article, it's my understanding that the creative team didn't "learn" that shield was going to be taken out during shooting, but that they knew way ahead of the series being made. This is an annoying mistake because it just makes the producers seem out of it and not connected at all to the larger MCU world.
The story I recall reading had Maurisa and Jed saying they found out about the Winter Solider developments the day after the pilot was ordered to series, which I took to mean, "We knew before ABC picked up the show, but we waited until after we got the series order to break the news to them."
I'm really looking forward to this ep. I'm so glad I stuck with it and I'll be around, fingers and toes crossed, for the live watch here. Trying not to be spoiled but couldn't contain my glee. See ya!
The producers learned right after the series was picked up. Most everyone else learned a lot later. :)

I think the sentence in question is general enough to cover both.

I added io9's glowing spoiler free review to the entry as well.
So what could that organization be? My first thought is that Lance is S.T.R.I.K.E., which I think has been confirmed to exist in Marvel-land, but I dunno.

Do the Kree have some sort of emblem?
@RiuguePirateBunny-I don't think SHIELD will delve too much into the Kree. A little while ago Jeffery Bell confirmed that's what the blue alien was but it doesn't mean much to this show as the team doesn't know anything about them or the fact there is a whole planet of them. Personal bet is any Kree-heavy plots will be in GotG.

The Kree are run by The Supreme Intelligence. But that wouldn't work with the tone of this show as it's basically a computer of alien brains. SHIELD is a spy show with sci-fi thrown in, that would warp the balance of the show.

Maybe it's an Inhuman emblem?
Joss Whedon being the "creative consultant" o sorts of all Marvel movies by then makes it very dificult to believe that his brother and in law were going to be keept too long in the dark in a series he may not be totally hands on, but he still does produce.
It just says "final emblem," not "new emblem." There's nothing to suggest that there's a new logo.
I can't wait for tomorrow's episode!

Did we ever learn what agency Melinda May's mom used to work for?
These reviews, particularly the first one, promise what I always hoped to see but never dared hope for from this series. My expectations so far have been shaped (aka lowered) on the assumption that the show will never venture too far into territory that will be explored in the movies. I'm hoping those limitations are about to be jettisoned and that the show will dive headlong into marvel mythology. That mythology is Marvel's greatest asset, IMO.

Of course, this also probably means my expectations for the episode are way too high. But I just can't help myself. I'm just ridiculously psyched to see where they take us tomorrow.
I so love that this show is getting glowing reviews. :D
In the Forbes review, there's a shot of two characters together (look at it only if you want to be spoiled) that kind of knocked me out - the mood of it is not what I expected. Very very cool, and I cannot wait for tomorrow!
Maybe the big surprise is they're changing the name of the show.
Marvel's Agents of W.H.E.D.O.N. (We Happily Endorse Director's Obvious Narcissism).

I would die of laughter if they really did that.
I was going to write "Agents of N.O.T.H.I.N.G.," but I couldn't figure out a word that begins with "N."

I guess "Narcissists" could be one, but I doubt the show is going there.

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Agent of S.W.O.R.D.? Will Skype's name turn out to be instead of ? I don't even know if they have the rights for it though. S.W.O.R.D. might be under the FOX X-Men deal.
Can I read this review without ruining the episode for myself?
Yeah. There aren't any details we don't already know.
Maybe more than Skye gets superpowers.
I was definitely being conservative with the Spoiler Tag.
Phisho has a point--it could be the HYDRA emblem again. But why would that be there? It had been because SHIELD was revealed to infiltrated with HYDRA moles, but when SHIELD is so tiny now, how could it be that highly infiltrated? Unless the leadership is with HYDRA, but Coulson turning out to by HYDRA strikes me as ridiculously unlikely (unless, I suppose, they portray him as having been controlled as a result of the Kree serum. But I seriously doubt that).

Maybe there's just no emblem? Like an empty circle? Maybe everything is destroyed--SHIELD and HYDRA?
I hope SHIELD isn't destroyed again. That'd just be doing the same thing over again, and less impressive because SHIELD is about 20 people now.
The review doesn't say anything about a new emblem.
Actually, it may be that people are misinterpreting the "appearance of the emblem before the post-credits scene" as meaning how the emblem appears. What the passage most likely means is that by the time we get to the SHIELD emblem at the end, we will have a hard time reckoning with what we saw in the episode, or something like that.

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