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December 09 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x10 "What They Become". It's the midseason finale! The episode was written by Jeffrey Bell and directed by Michael Zinberg. The show returns March 3rd in the spring with Agent Carter airing in the meantime.

Agent Carter is a show show though, right? Not a mini series or anything?
We can only hope so.
It hasn't been described as a miniseries, but maybe it fits the definition? It is short.
I've got it all figured out already. No point in watching.
But I brought pretzels and twizzlers. You need to stay Nebula1400.
I have dark chocolate peanut butter cups!
Agent Carter is an 8-week limited series that will run from January to March. (A "miniseries" usually runs on consecutive days or all within a short period.)

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@AndrewCrossett Shoot. Well, I'll take it.
Damnit. I'm gonna have to bail early. If I vanish, it's not 'cause H.Y.D.R.A. got me.
Agent Carter will not air on Jan 20 which is the State of the Union speech.
Thanks for the explanation, AndrewCrossett.
I forgot the snacks, but I got beer
@okelay wins!!!
On the other hand, American Horror Story wins awards in the miniseries category.

And The Flash runs till 9:02? Guess I'll have to catch the last couple of minutes after AoS.

I could really use pretzels sin chocolate.

Don't bail early roddikinathome!

HYDRA is going to get him.

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Live commenting from a hotel room on the Cape. Can't wait for the crazy to begin!
Live commenting from the Hammer.
ugh my stream is a mess, i hope it holds or i'll be so lost.
Ohmygod you guys I'm so excited right now.
(referring to way earlier stuff) I'm pretty sure AC is planned to be a one-off, but that'd probably change if it's sucessful enough
A crazy Ivan? ;)
Ooooo. That's SO SMART!
I love Tripp. (Don't kill him.)
No sign of Mack. :(
Oh. I was just thinking like white blood cells. Weird.
Was not thinking fungus though!
awkward hug is awkward :)
Oh no they are leaving Mack behind --- no....
EEEEEeeeeee. *hugs pillow*
Intereseting, both of the preview clips are shown right away. Leaves lots of mystery.
Lousy time for a commercial!!!
there ya go FitzSimmons...
Skye-Daddy means commercial.
I REALLY want to shotgun Wards face.
What name will he call her by?

My bet is "Daisy."
If they kill FitzSimmons or Bobbi, I will riot
The art of show us nothing, chrisobrien. They are experts at it.
May's move was right out of the Patrick O'Brien Master & Commander series. Except with a plane instead of a ship. Very cool.
I want him to call her his "little mimosa". For reasons.
I'm thinking that whatever happens to Skye is going to happen to a number of characters tonight.
He IS Mr. Hyde!

Calvin Zabo.
Cal. Huh.

ETA go AndrewCrossett!

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He's Cal! Calvin Zabo. Mister Hyde. Daisy, Daisy.
So that's confirms Skye is daisy, right?
Almond cookies!!! See Crazy Cal wants snacks too!

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Kyle is so good.
@chrisobrien Scary good.
Teach you about the stars......
i had worries about this meeting -- that it would be weird and awkward.

It is weird but in a very good way.
LOL! Daisy, Daisy....

God, this is so good!
Best. Day. Ever.

Best day ever! :D
The song "Daisy" creeps me out.

[ edited by roddikinathome on 2014-12-10 03:23 ]
Fried his circuits... Joke, or LMDs?
Kyle M is a national treasure. Holy heck.
@Nebula1400 the best lies are the truth?
@roddikinathome - "Daisy" creeps everyone out! Thanks, HAL.
huh. I was hoping for a more serious ass kicking by Dad...
Reed Diamond is so good at playing a psycho.
Reed is having too much fun in this role.
ooohhh my god that was stressful
also, Skye should've thrown the diviner at Whitehall
So true, NYPinTA.

That was a lie.
Seriously, I'm shocked Whitehall made it to the commercial break. Why doesn't he have a scalpel sticking out of his smarmy eye yet?!
At this point, I think Whitehall can withstand the diviner. After all he has a lot of "inhuman" in him already. Poor Dichen. :(
Yup -

love it.


I'm glad Skye has the Diviner. Now she holds the power.

That's a good thing right?

[ edited by hann23 on 2014-12-10 03:28 ]
Whitehall may survive the diviner, since most of him is actually Skye-mom.
Ruh Roh. Whitehall obviously knows that Dr. Crazypants was married to Dichen but I'm guessing that Hyde will be unexpected.
No no. Don't hold back on Skye's account.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2014-12-10 03:28 ]
@ NYPinTA - I suspect the ass-kicking is imminent.
Will skye's mom ever get a name? Will dyke go through terrigenesis?
Wonder if someone has done fan-art teaming Reed's Whitehall with Nathan Fillion's Caleb. That would be cool....
Seriously, Team Skye, I'm so disappointed in you!
Ward is so cool
Wait where did the Diviner go?
Whitehall is going to survive all season. He's not just Kraken to have a cool name. But Cal and Ward are going to have major mad-ons for Whitehall.
Skye has to rescue daddy.
huh. I was hoping for a more serious ass kicking by Dad...

That was lame.
Alright I'm back to loving Cal!
I don't mind...seeing.
I don't mind seeing. 😼
It's so wrong that I'm looking forward to Cal vs Whitehall.
Dammit. I liked Ward for a moment...
Bad Coulson, don't bogart Cal's kill!
Did Whitehall just die for realsies?
Yes ... But ... Wait ... No! ... Yes ... Ack!

Pretty much sums up the last few minutes.
He's not dead, He's pinin'.
Maybe the Terragen mist will revive him. Or maybe Skye-mom's blood has super healing power.
Whitehall can't be dead.
Hahahaha. Ward, you idiot.
Oh. So that's the move Clark Gregg was talking about, right?
Ward will be Terragened, too.
F.... that was nuts...
Ugh, there's the Daisy.
I think we're about to see the birth of Quake...
Interesting new team...
YAY! Ward has a new minion. Always there are two...
Raina probably took it already.
I think maybe agent 33 May is more interesting than real May.
Oh, hi Not-Mack.
Ah! Raina has a purpose! So does Mack.
I forgot about Raina -- of course she grabbed the obelisk. And now Mack. I hope he lives. Maybe Skye/Daisy can cure him?
Is there enough time to see Quake?
♫ Daaaaaaissy, Daaaaaaaisy, I've known it was you for so long... ♫
I don't think Daisy has healing powers.
I don't think Skye is going down the rabbit hole.

[ edited by JDL on 2014-12-10 03:48 ]
I ... words.

I love it that Ward is harder to kill than Whitehall. That being said, way to go, Skye.
This is amazeballs.

Kyle MacLachlan is just killing it. That line between sympathetic and batshit crazy ... I don't think I've ever seen anyone walk it this well. All his scenes are perfect.

And Skye is, like, genuinely badass. She shot Ward. A lot. Without even hesitating. I love badass Skye!

And Mack isn't dead! Not yet, anyway. Here's hoping Fitz gets a chance to save him ....

And I love that Raina took the Diviner and went into the tunnels on her on. Time to find out what she becomes. I love this episode so much.
I wonder if people with Kree blood in them will get powers.
You know things are bad when May calls him Phil.
I think Skye makes it and she uses her power to get everyone back out....?
Maybe more people will get powers out of this....
"Throw me the diviner, I'll throw you the whip!"
Wait. Why isn't Tripp or Coulson turning into Mack?
I said that earlier, Numfar. I think a few people are going to get powers.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2014-12-10 03:53 ]
Oh, shit. Tripp might really be dead now. :-(
Mmmmmaybe Mack will be fine and Tripp too?
And Quake is born...
Aw frickity frack frack frack Tripp. Grrrrrrrrrrrr......
Wow, that was cool. And really, really sad. All the feels.

But what about Raina?!
RIP Raina. :(
Pretty sure Raina is fine.
Raina is fine (just mutated/whatever word Disney has the rights to use). Tripp not so much.
Raina has spikes.
I'm quite annoyed actually.
So, why is the name Daisy so important?
... who is eyeless guy? Is he someone from the comics?
@Lioness, I think because she's an established character in Marvel that other's are happy they guessed right about.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2014-12-10 04:00 ]
Daisy Johnson, daughter of Cal Zabo (Mr. Hyde), is a superhero known as Quake.
Daisy is Quake from the comics, lioness.
Ugh. I mean way cool with Skye and Raina being like feline or something. But killing Tripp. Aw man.

The real question -- how was I surprised? Yet, it got me. Really did. Ouch.
Who is eyeless guy?
Daisy Johnson (Quake), daughter of Calvin Zabo (Mr. Hyde).
what happened to raina? did she survive? is tripp dead for real now?
reading comics makes me more confused
Daisy Johnson is the daughter of Mr. Hyde (Calvin Zabo). In the comics she is a mutant with the name Quake who has the ability to produce earthquakes.

I don't know who the eyeless guy is.
We could see that Tripp was a red shirt. He was a guest star.
okelay, we don't have any more answers than you!
Thanks everyone.
Tripp is dead, IMO. :.(
All I saw with Raina was that her covering cracked and I saw nothing underneath.
Maybe Raina is that cat woman lady from marvel u
Yeah, sadly, I think they brought Tripp back this season just so they could kill him off which is annoying. He never had lead billing this season.
Raina is fine. She was starting to break out of her shell. Tripp, though...eesh.

Overall, that was a fine episode. A little unbalanced with the action, and it seemed like they had no idea what to do with Bobbi and Hunter.
On the plus side, I'm betting Mack is alright now.
Raina has weird-looking eyes and little spikes on her skin.
erendis, I couldn't agree with you more about Kyle M.

But am so busy worrying about / grieving over Tripp that I can't process anything.
Maybe Raina is tigra
The worst part is now I have to do homework.

Edit: Also, when he said Daisy, the first thing I thought of for some reason, even though I'd been reading all the Quake theories, was Princess Daisy from the Mario games. :P

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did we ever find out where the diviner came from? also i wonder if there's any chance we'll see kamala any time soon? like, a mention?
If you watch as the stone stuff cracks off of Raina, there are hairs or whiskers on her face.

Mack is OK now. It was too much to hope for more than one heroic black guy in a show.
Tigra is a possibility.
Multiple Obelisks Networked. Works for me. :) I will miss Tripp but at least Mack seems to be alright. I really really
thought that Skye would NOT take the power option. Wrong again. ::le sigh::
Wow, just wow.

Ward out there with a new minion, a Big Bad already dead, a sympathetic villain in Cal, superhuman IDs for both him and (finally!) "Skye". Probably the introduction of the Mist in the MCU, a loss in Tripp, questions about Mack, Bobbi and Raina and a possible eyeless Inhuman to deal with in the spring!

The show really knows what it is now!

Oh, anyone who wants a run down of the Inhumans in the comics before the recent books go here:

Oakley-The Diviner was supposedly left to us by the Kree to do what it just did. Opinions vary on whether it's meant to be something good or bad.

[ edited by Dusk on 2014-12-10 04:13 ]
Tigra mutated from human to woman-cat, fur on body, tail, the whole nine lives.
Skye would not take the power option? Did she have a choice?
Possible Age of Ultron/SHIELD spoilers...

She has been playing it catlike all along.
What a amazing mid-season finale.This was as good as a season finale.So many answers and confirmations.

We have the introduction of The Inhumans concept and the Terrigen Mists a few years before the movie in 2018.Kevin Feige at the Phase 3 event did tease we would see The Inhumans a lot sooner then the movie.

Skye is Daisy Johnson/Quake and in the MCU is a Inhuman.Kyle MacLachlan is Calvin Zabo/Mr. Hyde.

Plus we lose Trip who I'm sad to see go.Skye/Daisy is going to blame herself I'm sure.Whitehall being killed was a surprise if he's really dead.

This episode was just all payoff and I loved it.Now I'm going to watch my Guardians of the Galaxy Blu Ray.Perfect way to end the night with such great comic book TV this evening(loved The Flash mid-season finale too)
Skye didn't try as hard as I thought she might to stop the process. She seemed enthralled a little or hypnotic? It looks like she was curious and along for the ride.

Do we know why Bobbi had the USB drive at the beginning?

I will miss Tripp. All character deaths are hard but that one was particularly brutal - he still had the running joke going with the Koenig family.

An overall well done episode that's ended a really solid first half of the season.
Anyone who wants a rundown of Daisy/Skye & Cal in the comics Newsarama has got you covered:
Maybe Tripp super-powered into something that can teleport.
Ugh. I wanted Skye to die! I'll miss Tripp.

Tripp is dead, NYPinTA.
I figured Coulson would be okay, since he had the Tahiti treatment, but I'm not sure why Tripp didn't go the Mack route. Perhaps because he didn't touch/activate the same rune thingies? Or perhaps there only needed to be one Zombie Guide Dude, and Mack was already it?

Same question here.
So, is Raina related to Peter *Quill*? Ba dum bum.
@papersock - I thought that was debunked a while ago.
I had that same question, PaperSpock.
I was trying to figure that out and I think it's because Mack touched the runes.
Ooh, what if they bring back Tripp as an LMD? He's been the one asking the most questions of the Koenigs...
The fact that they were willing to introduce the Inhumans on AoS instead of in a movie really shows that it's not just the MCU junior varsity anymore.
First off: Tripp! Really? We're going to kill Tripp? Not cool. Such a wasted character. I feel like he could've easily filled the Hunter role. Which is more frustrating when you consider he was here before Hunter.

Moving on...

So, I thought with the terrigen mists there were three options: if you're inhuman dna, you can become 1) something more/hero; 2) a monster, and if you're human 3) dead.

Seems like we got that. We didn't really see Raina. She was slipping back into the darkness. We don't know what she's become, but she does seem to be the monster option (surprise! She was an awful person... of course it's prelude to villainy). And Sky is Quake.

Another really quick episode, but good. And this show has gone full comic book mode.
Or, ironically, he always was an LMD and didn't know it? :)
hann23, I have no idea what's up with that thumb drive! They told us a lot tonight but they left that hanging.

Am I an awful person if I wanted to watch Cal take out Whitehall?
It really was kinda unfair of Coulson to kill Whitehall, when Cal would've had so much fun doing it.
I admit I wanted to see Cal "hulk out." If they were ever going to splurge on a fancy CGI transformation scene, this would be the time. But maybe this version of him doesn't do that. The guy we saw is obviously very strong, but not Mr. Hyde strong.
We all wanted Cal to take out Whitehall, javelina, but we had to have a Whedony twist or seven somewhere.
"Which is more frustrating when you consider he was here before Hunter."

I think he was planted there early on, just to kill him and break our hearts. Wasn't that the plan with Tara, too?
I knew Trip was dead the minute he ran into that room with Raina and Skye. Dunno if these deaths are more painful when we see them coming or when we don't.
Nebula, Skye shooting Ward was plenty of Whedony twist, damn it! I wanted him to handle Whitehall the way Willow did Warren. Though I can't imagine Cal saying "Bored now" about anything.
Papersmock, fake rumors. It was never confirmed. I think we all believed it cause we needed some hope that Tripp wouldn't be killed off.
AndrewCrossett, I was hoping Trip was going to "become" as well.

Nebula1400, I had just finished watching the episode and that was the only thing I could say after seeing Tripp's stony face crack in half.

10/10 episode. I'm glad I cut my season 2 marathon in half (I was in the middle of episode 6 when I said fuck it and started playing the episode at 9:45 when I saw over 100 new comments in this thread) so I could watch the episode while people were still talking about it.
@javelina: We had Coulson stealing Cal's thunder, turning his ire onto him. There was Skye shooting Ward. There was Tripp's death as Skye/Daisy became all Quakesome. That's three twists.

I don't think Whitehall is dead, though. I think he might need to be buried alive.

Oh, and No-eye Guy with another diviner is another twist.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2014-12-10 04:56 ]
I'm ok with Whitehall being buried alive. A OK with it in fact.
How does No-Eye guy see the numbers on his phone to call his Inhuman cousins? Does he have speed-dial?
Strong episode primarily around a couple of things:

Kyle/Cal has got to be up for first half MVP. Simply could not look away when he was on screen. Appears he'll be back again and I can't wait (Admit I'd lose my geek mind if his old partner The Cobra tags along with him) Such a great fit for this role.

I think I could watch Skye shoot Ward in an endless loop and be entertained for hours. The timing was perfect - not a moment's hesitation. Great "tell me how you REALLY feel" moment

Hated to lose Tripp - pretty well done tho' Also can't wait to see Creature Raina. Clearly showed her fingers being more like talons, along with the animal pupil.

Plus - forward momentum w/ Ward on the loose, and Bobbi up to something, to say nothing of sightless dude.

Only ask of ABC/Mutant - if you're gonna go big time into the MCU, don't skimp on the SFX/Action sets. Love to see a budget boost there if possible
If he's going to live forever, that would be the way to go. Skye's new power can do that job.
I'm sticking to my head canon till the truth is shoved in my face after the break.
eddy, blind people make calls all the time, yeah?

[ edited by libradude on 2014-12-10 05:08 ]
Good point libradude but now I'm going to assume he reads in braille.
I don't think Whitehall is any more immune to being killed than Skye's mom was. Cal and Agent 33 both checked him, and both of them very much wanted him to still be alive, so I think he's a goner. I suspect his Big Bad-dom has been handed off to Mr. Hyde.
@Agent-The Mists don't always kill regular humans. In the comics recently it went global and just transformed those with Inhuman ancestry.

I think Mack was allowed to live because he was a servant of the Diviner, but Tripp died because he kicked it, so he was killed like Hartley and the rest.

In the comics the Mist transforms you in a cocoon. Apparently in the MCU you breifly turn to stone.
I'm going to hold out three months of hope that Tripp got some sort of reassembly powers out of the deal and isn't actually dead. Otherwise I won't be able to handle it.
Maybe Tripp appears in Age of Ultron in a flashback as his grandfather. Then he can be a part of the Howling Commandos in Agent Carter.
For anyone who is interested,the no eyed guy at the end in the tag might be a new Inhuman character named Reader.The character was just introduced this summer in the Inhuman monthly.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2014-12-10 05:32 ]
One bit I liked was Skye shooting Ward. Not because he had it coming but because he needed to be put out of action. That was
professional, although I guess you could argue that she should have killed him.
IGN review of the episode and video you'll want to listen too. But is that date right?

[ edited by Dusk on 2014-12-10 05:33 ]
Maybe Reader was introduced this summer, specifically with an eye on creating new Inhumans for AoS and other MCU projects.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2014-12-10 05:41 ]
Sad Trip is dead, but damn that was a great midseason finale!

From handling the meeting with her crazy Dad like a pro, shooting Ward (HELL YEAH!) and that ending, Skye was really awesome in tonight's episode! And now we have to wait 3 months to see what happens next! Ugh!
Putting this out there, even though I don't know all these Marvel characters. Could Agent 33 be Madame Masque?
I think its definitely possible on Madame Masque.

1. I am sad about Tripp.
2. So Skye's Daisy, as most of us guessed. I am curious as to the consequences of this. Evidently, other Inhumans will be after her/Raina. She seemed sad that Tripp was dead, so I guess she has not gone evil per say.

Here's the thing, though: this is the MIDSEASON finale. It should be setting up for the rest of the season. And I'm not sure what Skye's powers do for that, unless it is just inhumans-coming-after-Skye storyline. Yes, this episode gave closure, and yes, this episode raised new questions (the thumb drive being most intriguing to me). But it feels too much like closure for right now. Maybe I am missing something. Maybe Hunter/Bobbi will come out as fellow Inhumans. I'm just trying to see where the superpowers are going to lead. There have to be consequences, and other than new people popping up, I don't see what they are yet.

3. Ward/Agent 33 is my new ship. I'm calling it Ward 33.

4. I just don't know what to think or do now. Bring on January and Agent Carter! And March and more SHIEEEELD.
Stuff that's coming out in the post show interviews.

1) Skyepop is not done and should be back later this year.
2) Tripp is indeed dead.

[ edited by JDL on 2014-12-10 08:41 ]
1) Aw, Tripp. I really liked him this season. :'-(

2) I really want to know what Mac and Bobbi are up to...

3) Skye and Coulson really shone in this episode.

4) I love ambiguous Ward.

5) Fitzsimmons is life. Especially Fitz. *hugs*
JDL, I swear I was not copying your (obviously brilliant) formatting. Whoops. ;)
It is important to note that Trip turned to stone because a piece of the obelisk got lodged in his chest. Not because of the mists. It is hard to see, but he got impaled by an Obelisk shard because he kicked it.

The Mists might have changed him into a monster except he died from the obelisk shard just like any other human that touched it.

He also might have been just fine had he not kicked it and made it go boom. I am sure Sky/Daisy will blame herself though since he was trying to save her.

Also, Trip and Coulson didn't change into drone warriors because they didn't touch the floor with their hands like Mack did. Apparently their shoes protected them like the suits protected the others.
Amazing episode. Loved all of it and all of the reveals.

Did the eyeless man remind anyone else of Joss' Blindfold from his Astonishing X-Men run? She was an eyeless girl who wore a blindfold to cover that up, and she had seer abilities. I could see this new guy being some sort of rehash of that, and I wouldn't complain at all.
Jayne's Hat, that's a good point. I saw they had panne to the piece of obelisk but it didn't connect with me until you pointed it out. I think that could have been clearer.

RoguePirateBunny, I don't think the obelisk makes anyone a villain, necessarily. It unlocks abilities and you choose what to do with them. Daisy/Quake is a superhero and a SHIELD agent in the comics.
It occurs to me that Agent 33 is to Grant as Grant himself once was to Garrett. She is desperate for a leader, and now he's in the position to take over that role. Interesting!
*falls into despair* I knew it! They killed off Tripp. *cries and clings to still alive Mac* Why didn't you kill off Hunter?!

Anticipating Simmons mourning and Fitz finally letting her in.

Other than that still need to get over the sheer amount of information packed into this episode - like whoa, then there were ten more minutes.

*goes off to read about Quake*
In the EW interview, Jed and Maurissa talk about Trip's death adding a needed complexity to Skye's origin story. It makes me wonder how often a *male* character has died to further a *female* hero's evolution. Certainly the opposite has happened loads of times.

[ edited by swanjun on 2014-12-10 14:52 ]

Captain America for Peggy Carter, right? I mean she was already pretty badass, but from the One Shot, it looked like she took some inspiration from him after the war.
@Agent True, but his supposed death wasn't specifically for her evolution.
I'm okay with Tripp's death. He was being under utilized anyway, since BJ Britt is a regular on a different show. Unless that was changing, I just don't see how Tripp could have improved as a character. It adds poignancy that he went back down to dismantle three bombs with 10 minutes to spare and find her. He went the extra mile to help her, and was just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Also, Angel for Buffy at the end of Season 2.

(I guess what I'm saying is I'm holding out home for Trip. Dammit. I got Whedon'd again. Every friggin' time...)
@Agent Ah, good point about Angel! From these interviews, it seems J/M are prepared to flesh out the repercussions for Skye more than was done for Buffy in S3, too, so that'll be great.

I am hoping he'll be an LMD or something, since he was so intrigued by the Koenigs, but Britt's exit interview really seemed like he's missing being around the cast, etc.
@the ninja report

Definitely. Trip saved her life and Coulson's and Mack's and even Raina's.
@swanjun. Yeah, Angel was supposed to stay dead, but then he got a spinoff instead, which has a cascade effect on all of Season 3, I'm sure. I just thought it was interesting the only examples I could think of were Whedon/Whedon-adjacent. Joss did the major rewrite of Cap that fleshed out and established Peggy as her own character and not (just) Cap's love interest, so I thought it bared mentioning.

I don't think I'd like Trip as a LMD. I was even willing to explore the concept with the idea of Coulson being an LMD last season (nature of identity, etc.), but it would just bum me out with Trip. He's too cool. Like when Gunn put Zombie Gavin down, it would creep me out seeing someone I know like that.

And I'm beginning to think the Agents Koenig are trolling us and are all actually brothers (but they probably also build LMDs of other people or something).
Also, Spike died for Buffy. Lots of guys died for Echo.

I still think BJ Britt will show up in Avengers 2 and Agent Carter as his grandfather. There also seemed to be something going on between him and Skye, but maybe that's wishful thinking on my part.

Ward is the Spike of AoS, doing the right thing for the wrong reasons.
As soon as Tripp went back down to disarm the bombs, I knew he was done. While I did find his death to be emotionally compelling, it was only because it was seen through Skye's eyes and I felt for her and how it affected her. Personally, I never found BJ Britt to be a believable actor anyway. So, hate me if you must, but I'm glad he is no longer in the cast to distract us with his wooden, over-enunciated delivery.

All that being said ... wow, what an episode. Some highlights and points of interest for me:

- Skye's "all-business" gunning down of Ward was AWESOME. I will watch that at least a half dozen more times.

- Skye's slow-motion cocoon-bursting shockwave was thrilling, fulfilling and just plain bad ass. I frickin loved it! If they can pull of that quality of VFX for her power every time, I'm all in... Anyway, that's another scene I will watch numerous times, as well.

- Having Coulson kill Whitehall in front of Mr. Hyde was perfect. It gave our Chaotic Neutral character a legitimate reason to want to kill Coulson, which in turn gave Skye a reason to have to "choose" between her real father and the man who became her father thereby showing us where her true loyalties lie.

- Coulson and his BAD ASS fighting moves. He looked like male version of Black Widow. Nice to see he has that in him. Probably not something we will see from The Director too often, but I hope we do have occasion to see more. Yet as bad ass as he is, Coulson's really taken a beating in the last two episodes. He was nearly pummeled to death by Mr. Hyde, and survived two consecutive weeks of "Big Mac Attacks". He's gonna need an ice bath, STAT!

- Bobbi is up to something and I REALLY don't like it. Hunter knows she is up to something and he appears just fine with it. This means now we have to question BOTH of their loyalties. If Bobbi and Hunter don't trust Coulson enough by now to come clean, then it makes me think Bobbi is up to no good. Maybe not Hydra type no good, but still ... I don't like it. Which leads to Mac because he's in on it too:

- I'm glad Mac is alive, I like him. And the actor who plays him is very believable (unlike some other "big brothers"). After everything SHIELD and Coulson has been through with him, he better at least be conflicted about hiding whatever he is in on with Bobbi from Coulson. You can't have almost HALF of the entire SHIELD core in on some side deal. That's like SHIELD having half their agents be HYDRA all over again. Even if their goals aren't as nefarious, it still undermines the legitimacy and competence of the whole SHIELD operation. However, I will say that based on the look Coulson gave Bobbi as she walked away after telling her they would try to get Mac back, I think Coulson knows she is up to something. I HOPE he knows she is up to something...

- It seems like the more Fitz and Simmons work together in these high pressure situations, when they don't have time to worry about all their personal issues, the more they seem to be acting like the old FitzSimmons we all know and ship. I could be wrong, but it also seems to be helping Fitz get back his old self.

- Ward and 33, or "WardyThree": I suspect they may disappear for a while. However, I got the impression from the Absorbing man and Ice Guy (can't remmy his name) episodes that the whole brain washing treatment was not totally permanent and occasionally had to be reinforced with the "are you ready to comply" thing or free will would eventually reestablish itself. I'm curious to see how this all plays out. Will Ward now use the "comply" technique to control 33? Or will he try to free her from that mode?

- Finally, is Bakshi dead? Because last we saw, he was in their ICU, but I don't think he was ever pronounced "dead". If not, will he somehow escape? Now that Whitehall is dead, will his time finally come?

Anyway, really looking forward to Agent Carter, but looking forward to the second half of SHIELD more. Maybe, if we are lucky, next year we will get Agent Carter at 8pm followed by SHIELD at 9pm. That could potentially be the best night of TV ever. Except for when Firefly was on, of course.

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I really loved how Jemma helped Fitz to hope again with regard to Mack. And now that Mack is presumably okay and Fitz somewhat braver/stronger/more confident, I'm hoping he'll really step up to be there for her when she's mourning Trip. Like, just give her a big silent hug and let her cry, thus taking a big step in repairing their relationship.
@Mirage, et al. - They didn't kill off Hunter because they know we don't, at this point, love him. I for one loved Tripp.

Still gut-punched.
Agent Carter isn't being approached as a 1 season show, it'll depend on the ratings so make sure you spread the word and encourage people to watch live!

I'm almost certain I remember seeing that rumour about BJ Britt being on the AOU set debunked.
@Penthos, I didn't see the exchange between Hunter and Bobbi as him being OK with her being up to something but more as him saying he wants to trust that whatever it is it isn't bad. So, really, at this point he's not "in" on anything as he is not going to push it. But whatever it is he might find out and side with Coulson (if it is in fact against Coulson) on the issue.

I'm still annoyed about Tripp. Because I think we all did see it coming, so it happening didn't feel necessary as it did manipulative. Not killing him would have been the more unexpected move. We all think he's a goner and then BOOM he's not. Take that, audience! But noooooooo. *grumpy face*

Still loved all the rest. I kind of hope 33 gets a new face soon though because that's got to be tiring for Ming Na to be both. (But she might love it so I'll shut up if so.)
@NYPinTA - Hunter said to Morse:"... I want to trust you Bob, I really do. So I'm going to assume that whatever's on that thumb drive has nothing to do with you and me."

He's saying that as long as whatever she is hiding has nothing to do with their relationship, he doesn't care. So he KNOWS she is up to something that she is hiding from SHIELD. So by proxy, HE is now hiding it too. Clearly, Hunter is loyal to Bobbi, not SHIELD, otherwise he would immediately let Coulson know Bobbi is hiding something.

The fact that Bobbi doesn't tell him what it's about is also interesting because either she doesn't trust him with whatever it is. Or, because she cares about him, she doesn't want him involved because it could be dangerous or put him in some sort of peril. Which implies that it's probably not a "pro-SHIELD" type of venture...

So anyway, what's left of SHIELD's core group is: Coulson, May, Skye, Fitz, Simmons, Bobbi, Hunter, and Mack. And we know 3 of those remaining 8 people are hiding something. That is a HYDRA-in-SHIELD sized proportion of conspirators all over again.

[ edited by Penthos on 2014-12-10 20:41 ]
I love being able to say I didn't see that coming and smiling about it. The two things that most exemplified that last night
were Ward and 33 and Skyepop NOT going Mr. Hyde when Coulson shot Whitehall.

Ward & 33 as a team is sort of scary and makes for interesting possibilities down the road. As for Skyepop I am hoping his
unexpected acquisition of control might help heal the rift with Skye. Hey I can't help it, I'm a romantic sometimes.
@Penthos-Not to mention the possibility of Bobbi and/or Simmons having been brainwashed into compliance mode during their time with HYDRA. More likely Simmons then Bobbi at this point because if they had a hold on Bobbi last night would have been the perfect time to activate it.
By the way, hats off to Clark Gregg who did not use a stunt double for that wicked Black Widow-esque neck-scissor take down of Mr. Hyde last night. That's just cool. #DirectorBadAss

[ edited by Penthos on 2014-12-10 21:52 ]
@Penthos - hats off to Clark Gregg who did not use a stunt double for that wicked Black Widow-esque neck-scissor take down of Mr. Hyde last night.

Whoa, really? I already knew I loved Clark G. as an actor (was ultra-convinced when I saw Much Ado About Nothing), but way to show some skills, sir.
Hunter knows that Bobbi is hiding something from someone. That could mean she's hiding something from Couson or that she's hiding it from another agent and will take it to Coulson. I agree that his loyalty is to Bobbi, but I don't think at that moment he thought through the implications, good or bad.
The main problem I have with Tripp's death is...why did he even go into the room with Skye and Raina in the first place? I feel like they left an important clip on the cutting room floor--the clip that showed him continuing to search for Skye and Coulson even after he disarmed the last bomb. Instead, we just got him popping into the pillar room out of nowhere, so it all feels extremely unnecessary to me.
Watching this again, and I have to say, Kyle MacLachlan is an incredible actor!
Taaroko, it seemed pretty clear. He dropped down to disarm the bombs because he was told Coulson ran down there. I don't think everything needs to be spelled out step by step.
A new entry for the masthead quotes list: "Join S.H.I.E.L.D. Travel to exotic distant lands. Meet exciting, unusual people. And kill them."
tomg said:

A new entry for the masthead quotes list: "Join S.H.I.E.L.D. Travel to exotic distant lands. Meet exciting, unusual people. And kill them."

I think that is essentially the same quote as one from Full Metal Jacket (w/ Adam Baldwin) said by Joker. Great quote but not really an original.

Liked the episode, fascinated to see how far they push the inhuman storylines. Worried that Skye is now too powerful to keep the show balanced. Why send May or Bobbi into a situation when you can send a superhero?
What if that superhero has zero intention of using her power because the first time she did she disintegrated her friend and coworker? I think Skye's powers are going to be curtailed for quite a while.
Uberdomer, NYPinTA Her powers might not even manifest again for some time. Either because Skye (Can we keep calling her that? Daisy just seems...anticlimactic) is repressing them, or because they aren't fully developed. Or they activate during high-stress situations, and it takes a while for anyone to equate the earthquake/tremors with what's happening to Skye.

tomg I was thinking "Seriously? Again?" would be a good quote. Poor Phil.
I think that "exotic lands" quote may predate Full Metal Jacket? Feels like I first heard it many years ago. (Of course, FMJ was a long time ago...)

Oh how I loved Skye shooting Ward. And I just love both of them now (but not together, yuck)

I was spoiled for Tripp on Twitter. Watched with my husband & he kept going on about how much he liked Tripp and I just felt terrible. Really glad Mack is OK though.
I just realized something today.

Raina didn't have quills on her. She had thorns.

She's totally going to turn into flowers.
Trip didn't die because Skye's power made him crumble. He was already dead, like the previous victims of the Obelisk. Having him crumble was just a way of showing us he was really dead and not transforming.
I also think her superpowers are somewhat limited in a fight. She can cause earthquakes, but that just destabilizes the ground for the enemy. Someone still has to throw the punches.
@Ninja - I think we still have yet to see how THIS version of Daisy Johnson's powers actually manifest themselves.

Literally speaking, an "earthquake" is actually the SHOCKWAVE that results from the two sides of a fault rubbing against each other. I doubt Skye's power is going to be the ability to rub tectonic plates together, so maybe her real power is the ability to create shockwaves. Which is what it looked like to me when she burst from her cocoon: she generated a shockwave that emanated outwards from her. If that's the case, I can totally see how it could be turned into a usable superpower. Especially if she learns to control its force and direction.

[ edited by Penthos on 2014-12-11 15:46 ]
I just realized this all but confirms Joss will likely be working on the Inhumans movie in some capacity, putting him with Marvel until at least 2018, even if he might not be an Avengers front runner anymore.
If they are letting SHIELD and Joss' family members introduce Inhumans to the MCU, that means they are laying the groundwork for the movie. Marvel prides itself on everything being connected, and with Joss already behind their blockbuster, it's the logical choice to have him and his team work on a different big screen project that Joss is already setting up in the small screen. Especially if Inhumans are going to be the primary sorce of super-powered characters in the MCU, they'll be major players and Marvel would want someone with experience on the project to unite any and all Inhuman plots. I'd be very surprised if Joss was not involved with the Inhumans movie. At minimum he'll probably be one of the writers.

[ edited by Dusk on 2014-12-11 16:32 ]
Not sure that this confirms Joss working on the Inhumans movie - my guess is that AoS helps introduce the Inhumans to the Age of Ultron movie, and once that is done the TV show moves along to do it's own thing. Given Joss' ties to the MCU I'm sure he and team will be kept in loop as to where AoS and MCU paths will cross again but in meantime he's free to do his own thing.

It'll be interesting after Avengers is released how involved he gets (scripts/directing)in a AoS Season 3 or if he remains relatively hands off and announces a new film project(s)
It's all speculation on my part, but I'm fairly certain Joss will be involved with more Inhuman stuff. With Skye being the show's second-lead and confirmation they've wanted to do this plot for her since the beginning, Inhumans will be a factor in for the rest of the show just as Willow's magic took off for her in Buffy S2. Marvel trusts Joss and would want someone with experience to connect any and all Inhuman plot threads. Especially if Inhumans are going to be the largest group of super-powered individuals going forward.
Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, Daredevil and Guardians of the Galaxy (not to mention Gunn's recent hinting about overseeing all the Marvel Cosmic movies) are all being overseen by Joss' family/friends/former writers. And they're all major cornerstones in the MCU going forward.

I don't think that means Joss will continue to be heavily involved at Marvel Studios post-Age of Ultron. It just means he's been extremely influential the last 3-4 years. I think Joss will do exactly what he told Entertainment Weekly two summers ago:,,20728857_6,00.html


He'll work as a staff writer on Agents of SHIELD (like he did on seasons 2-5 of Angel) while focusing on original projects. He made it very clear that he doesn't want to do another studio tent-pole film regardless of the studio and intellectual property. He even used the rumored Boba Fett movie as an example of a project he'd turn down, although he admitted that he'd be tempted for a moment.

Joss hasn't been a showrunner since season 5 of Buffy and hasn't been the sole writer of a comic series since Astonishing X-Men. It seems he's always preferred to write for his friends'/family's projects while moving on to new challenges rather than attempting to duplicate his previous success. More power to him for continuing to try new things (Buffy=TV series--> Fray=graphic novel--> Astonishing X-Men=ongoing comic book--> Dr. Horrible=web series--> Avengers/Age of Ultron=summer blockbusters--> Much Ado About Nothing=Shakespeare adaptation--> ???).

[ edited by JesusSavedIn01 on 2014-12-11 18:01 ]
Like I said it's just speculation. He might not be as involved at as much as he was for Avengers and AOU but I think it's very likely he will have a hand in the Inhuman plans moving forward. Joss has changed his plans before, he may do so again.
I think after Avengers 2 Joss will continue as a consultant for Marvel movies, though not as a director and probably not as a writer... unless a project comes along he really wants to do, like a Black Widow movie or something. And I do think he'll write for AoS in season 3.
I was very impressed with the Skye developments. Sad about Trip, though. BJ Britt is too good to let go so soon.

I'm glad they left the door open for more of Kyle MacLachlan in the future. He makes homicidal rage so sympathetic.
Skye's transformation was beautiful. That was an incredibly well put together scene.
It really was. I suspected something like that was coming for her storyline but I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful slow down with the perfect music. They've been sneaky about the superhero origin all along but they gave it such fantastic reverence when the moment came. Very well done.
I think I may have been cheering. It was cinematic quality. The show has finally shown to me that it can be beautiful to look at.
It looks better this season, but I feel like it's so dark I can't tell what's going on most of the time. So I don't know if the sets are any better, I just can't see them anymore is all.
Yes, there seems to be a severe shortage of light bulbs at SHIELD HQ. Also everyone wears all black now, with an occasional colorful splash of gray. Even Fitz and Simmons have gone monochrome in their sadness. Every time someone says "we're going dark" it feels like a sledgehammer. WE GET IT. DARKNESS. In all meanings of the word.

But that Skye scene was so awesome I put up with the awfulness of rewinding Hulu twice just to watch it a couple more times. It's mesmerizing.
Good call on Hulu. I wanted to rewind several parts. Total pain. Bad job by you, Hulu.
I wonder if it is a Hulu issue. The darkness. I watched some clips of this ep online yesterday and found it to be painfully dark but I didn't notice that at all on my TV on Tuesday.
I live watch on a digital antenna. It's the show.

The inability to rewind cool parts easily is on Hulu. I usually go to the site for a rerun the next day.
I watch it live just about always. This week was an exception. Sometimes I rewatch on Hulu. It's dark both places. And it's not just me. I've got several friends who now watch it avidly and they've all commented on the darkness of Season 2.
I have a theory about who the eyeless guy was. Possibly a character called "Libra". And if so, he could be the first introduction on the show of ultracool classic SHIELD villains, the Zodiac cartel! (Plus, Libra was the father of a very bad-ass superhero, Mantis...) This is just a wild guess on my part. I remember Libra being blind; I don't recall if he was actually eyeless altogether.
The comic book Libra was blind but not eyeless.
There is a mysterious guy in the new Inhuman run named Reader who is blind. I've only seen him depicted with these fancy special glasses so I can't tell if he is eyeless or not. Seems to be a good guy.
Plus, he was introduced over the summer, so chances are there is some coordination of characters and plot lines going on between both MCU's.
"I just realized something today.

Raina didn't have quills on her. She had thorns.

She's totally going to turn into flowers."

YEEESSS excellent!! This seems very likely to me. Well deduced Jason_m_bryant
The "Join the Army, travel to exotic places, meet interesting people and kill them" quotation was very, very common as an anti-war slogan during the Viet Nam war. "Full Metal Jacket" used it, it didn't originate it.
What barboo said. Off-screen history.
Yeah, that, and "What if they gave a war and nobody came" and of course the classic "Save water, shower with a friend". And the Black power symbol and the feminist power symbol. These things were everywhere. Posters, bumper stickers, buttons, graffiti on any blank wall, not to mention the constant marches and demonstrations, the music of the time. If you weren't there during the late 60s/early 70s, you have no idea of just how incredibly intense the politicization of American culture was. Like living through a war it was its own unique experience.
And then there was "Viva la huelga," "Viva la causa," and "Si se puede," along with "Boycott I lived and breathed that, day and night, for seven years.

But, hey, Agents of SHIELD... 💥
I really miss the Tuesday night AoS routine!

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