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December 09 2014

(SPOILER) "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Showrunners on the Midseason Finale's Marvel "Gamechanger". Maurissa and Jed talk about the consequences of the midseason finale. More interviews with them are on The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, IGN, MTV, Zap2It, and TVLine.

You might want to add this one too.
I just saw it. I added it into the description.
Here's another one.

One important point mentioned is that they plan to have Skyepop back this year.

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Damn, these articles are popping up all over the place. Did they do a conference call?
Here's another one with Comic Book Resources:
Also they confirm in the EW interview that Trip is indeed dead (kind of obvious for those who watched the ep, but there was some debate in the other thread).
libradude: That article is actually the original link.
EW also has an interview with BJ, covering Trip's death. Still in annoyed by how that was handled.

It's a great interview, it really feels like an ME show with how the cast is with each other.

And even if he doesn't get to reappear, I hope BJ joins the rank of actors that will return for other Whedon related projects.

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Here's one with MTV:

And another with Zap2It:
And yet another one, this time with TVLine:
Added the MTV, Zap2It, and TVLine interviews. has one now too:

Maurissa and Jed should have some well deserved time off after the awesomeness of that finale and the ridiculous amount of post-finale interviews.
Take a break guys; you've earned it!
The Zap2It link is broken; it includes a quotation mark at the end.
Thanks, fixed now.

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