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December 11 2014

Blair Underwood cast in recurring role in Agents of SHIELD. Plays someone's estranged ex ... link will tell you who.


Oh wow, I've been thinking for a while that is the one character who hasn't changed and seems flat compared to the rest. This will definitely change that!
Oh wow. Glad to see there will be some May development.
So much pretty.

Tension is bound to happen. Remember what May said about her own ex to Bobbi.
That sounds great! Can't wait to see it!
Can you imagine how beautiful any children from that coupling would be? Mindblowing. :)
It's funny, I've been saying for years that there was already a perfect part for Blair Underwood in the Marvel film universe. I ALWAYS thought he make the perfect Rhodey in the Iron Man films. I've got nothing against Don Cheadle but Blair looks more like the character, and speaks and carries himself with an air that I think would have suited the part more than Terrence Howard. But the movies of course went with the bigger names..
Oh well, at least he's getting to play a part in the Universe in some fashion.. we're seeing behind the May curtain, eh? And her ex is a doctor? I wonder if it's MD or Ph.D, and if the former, whether their relationship ties into May's life immediately post-Bahrain?

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I wonder if he is a shrink ?

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