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December 11 2014

(SPOILER) Buffyverse Season 10 solicitations for March. Buffy #13, Angel & Faith #12 and the second Angel & Faith Season 10 TPB covers and info are released for this month.

Searching for.. Let's hope she'll be back soon :)
I know! It would be great if Illyria was reintroduced to Angel's world.
And it would be even better if Fred was along with her.
I think with After the Fall, Fred has been put to rest. Before that actually, but AtF showed that Fred was gone, and it was Illyria who was presenting itself as Fred. I would be surprised if they went that route again.
Canon isn't important enough to them to be certain I don't think. The DH team have shown that they just won't pay the attention to detail and produce the quality of product that the fans wish for. A contributing factor, imo, to the drop in sales. So I wouldn't rule out them making Fred an element again, but I hope not.

I think most people expect Illyria to have survived somehow in the deeper well. Koh and Giles have practically already confirmed it by making statements about the difficulty of killing an old one. The writing is pretty laid out so far.
I'm not at all convinced Fred is gone. There were some hints last season that she is not.
I only read season 9 of Buffy once through, so my memory is hazy - what gave you that impression Andrew?
Please, oh please give us some Fred appearance! Her death was so unsettling and they've hinted about her existence last season so here's hoping..

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@faith in Angel-Illyria was convinced she should be dead after she was drained of her powers so something inside her must be keeping her alive. She's the one who read the scientific graphs and realized why Dawn was dying, like Fred would. And Ilyria and Willow both agree Illyria is showing human compassion for Severin, really unlike an Old One. Allie later said they intentionally left it open to interpretation if Fred was influencing her, but he personally thinks she was in there.

For S10 they might use Fred as a way to get eyeballs back and maybe use the other LA characters more.

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I only read season 9 of Buffy once through, so my memory is hazy - what gave you that impression Andrew?

You might recall that Severin, "the Siphon," who had the power to drain the magic from any being, did so to Illyria. Afterwards, she had this conversation with Buffy:

ILLYRIA: "I should be dead. This body is a vessel. When the Siphon ripped my power from me, it should have left a hollow shell behind."

BUFFY: "Like all the zompires they killed. Like his girlfriend. So what makes you different?"

ILLYRIA: "A question I would like answered as well."

And a few issues later, this conversation with Eldre Koh:

KOH: "The Siphon will take whatever shred of magic that's still keeping you alive. You will die."

ILLYRIA: "He already has my power. And I do not think magic is what's keeping this vessel alive anymore."

There are other subtle hints. Like how she was able to glance at Andrew's computers and immediately realize they were reacting to mystical energy, not brain waves. Even Andrew didn't know that. Fred would have, but Illyria should no longer have been able to access Fred's memories.

So I suspect Fred's soul was still alive within Illyria, and kept her alive after Severin drained all her power. If so, it remains to be seen what effect the destruction of Fred's body at the end of season 9 will have.
Buffy giving Andrew (yay) relationship advice! Do we remember her last advice to Billy about his love life? Try a little better this time around, Buff!
@Dusk @AndrewCrossett

Ah ok - thanks for the reminders! It would be wonderful if that were the case.

Lots to look forward to in A&F- Angel and Faith reuniting, explanation of Angels dreams, Koh, Illyria, exactly what's going on with Nadira, the possibility of a visit from Willow. Exciting:-)

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