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December 13 2014

Why the Agents of SHIELD mid-season finale was an enormous deal. Vanity Fair recaps the episode (with gifs).

I love it! So psyched to have a half-Asian female superhero, because being half-Asian, that's something I've wanted to see all my life. The only thing is I hate having all those animated gifs in the article. They trigger migraines in me! Except for the one in the red dress, which was humorous, all the others needed to be not there!
Nice article! I wonder if we'll start calling her Daisy?
Since when did Vanity fair become Buzzfeed? The Buzzfeed-ication of a lot articles online do annoy me, this and meaningless listi-cles.

Otherwise that was a great article, love having a hero of Asian descent, with creator overdoing with something that is a bit too on the nose. Still have nightmares about how the "Great Ten" that Grant Morrison created for DC Comics annoys me.

Also wondering how the naming will work, it's not like the Echo / Caroline situation during Dollhouse, where Echo pretty much became her own person, but comparatively we had both Prya and Tony who I believe were mostly reinstated by the end of the series, so they were not Sierra and Victor anymore.
As somebody who has been fairly vocal in saying 'Hey, uh, Marvel - there should be a female superhero here' - this was great. And not only was the 'break out' reveal very cool, I liked Skye stuff in the episode leading up to it (unloading her gun into Ward is probably my highlight of this season so far) (I clapped).
Ah, the shooting of Ward. I also clapped. And yelled. And rewound. It was a perfect moment. I love new-Skye.
Also joining the clapping chorus for Skye shooting Ward.
I was in a room full of people who were shouting, "Shoot him in the head!"
I'm pretty thrilled about this myself. I've always liked Skye and thought that Chloe Bennet's acting has been some of the most believable on the show. She really seems to understand the dialogue and is able to inhabit the character. She's had, or been in, some of my favorite, most memorable and/or best acted moments on the show so far. What's that? You would like me to list some of them? Sure!

* Skye and Simmons infiltrate The Hub, and Simmons shoots Sitwell. Both she and Simmons are amazing (Simmons: "I love men that are about my height but heavier than me" ... LOL!)
* Skye's conversation with Coulson and her reaction when he tells her about the shield agents who died protecting her as a baby
* Skye revealing to Ward she knows he's Hydra while they are sitting in the Cafe
* Skye's frickin' Nazi speech to Ward on the Bus
* Skye's "Wait, are you saying I'm an Alien? ... Epic fail!" conversation with Coulson
* Skye shooting Ward with "Never turn your back on the enemy" ... so, so awesome
* Telling her Dad to leave before she shoots him and then crying as she talks to a bloodied Coulson on the ground
* And of course, what is perhaps the single best moment of the entire series, the bittersweet metamorphosis of becoming Quake as she realizes Tripp is dead

These are jus some of the moments I can recall off the top of my head. I'm sure there's more...

I never thought she got enough credit for the acting she does, so to have her turn out to have the pivotal role in the show is very rewarding for me as a viewer.

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Vanity Fair lost me at "It shore is." Smaller websites, my own posts & trickier homophone fails don't phase me. But shore/sure screw up in a major press site? Why??

(back on topic)

I thought everyone knew that Skye was wonky because they've been telling us that she was special since S1. It's not too much of a game change, IMO.

I am pleased that they finally did the reveal & I think it's really cool.

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I do wonder how Skye will deal with knowing her name. On the one hand, it was something her mother called her, and informed the song her mother used to sing to her. On the other, she might want to insist that she's her own person, makes her own fate, and resist the assistance that her mad dad is offering. And, along with him, the name he calls her.
Forgive me if this has or has not been answered yet but what is Skye's/Daisy's super powers?
In the comic books, Daisy Johnson was able to generate earthquakes. Given that there seemed to be a shockwave when Skye popped out of her cocoon, she apparently has the same powers in the show.

Apparently the comic version has very precise controls over her powers. According to Wikipedia:

"Her training under Fury enables her to target her seismic waves with pinpoint accuracy, causing targeted objects to vibrate themselves apart, from the inside out. This is shown in her being able to prevent the detonation of an antimatter bomb implanted in the body of Lucia von Bardas by destroying its power supply, and exploding the heart of Wolverine while in his chest, to halt an enraged attack on S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury."

As for her using the name Daisy, I doubt it, but only because that's what the audience is used to thinking of her as. She hasn't always been Skye. I believe she said she picked that name herself. That means that she remembers having some other name before calling herself Skye. It could be that she's been called Daisy most of her life and only picked Skye recently, or it could be that she had a different name growing up.

Perhaps we'll find out in the second half of the season.
Perfect character to choose to do an origin story for, too, since she is slated to be the future director of SHIELD. Whoever made the decision about having her be the center of this story, knew what they were doing.
Good point Nebula1400.. but what does that mean for May and Coulson? uh oh
I believe they established that the orphanage gave her the name Mary Sue Poots.
Well, we always knew Skye was special from Season 1, just not how special. It took a lonooong time but that transformation was spectacular. I was a tad confused because Cal told Skye no one would understand but him. I think her colleagues are pretty used to superheroes. How it pans out in future seasons is going to be very interesting (and exciting).
Ah, thank you for reminding me, Swanjun.
@hann23: Skye/Daisy is still very young. Chloe Bennet is only 22, and presumably Skye is around the same age. I think there is time for her to grow into the role, as Coulson and May retire to Tahiti.

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Actually Skye is at least 25* so Chloe is playing slightly older.

*Skyemom died in 1989 and baby Skye was snatched in 1990.
Am I the only one who kinda wants to see Skye briefly join her father like at the end of a season finale cliffhanger? Ever since "What They Become", I've been thinking of different ways the writers could take Skye's story. The sky(no pun intended)'s the limit really when it comes to what the writers can do with these characters. I just really want to see the show take them to dark and scary places like how Angel and Dollhouse did.
@Tonya J-One thing that is different with Skye and Raina (and has major impact on the MCU going forward) is that they as Inhumans have pure powers. They weren't the result of human ingenuity like Tony or a freak accident like Bruce. The show briefly established last year people like that are locked up or killed if they are dangerous, or forever monitored and pretty much forbidden to use their powers. (Episode with Scorch).

Skye's power is inherently dangerous, but they wouldn't want to lock up or do worse to one of their own. And with Eyeless Guy out there with another Diviner the implication is their is many more people with abilities out there, even if they aren't unlocked yet. Skye may be drawn to them, and if/when we get a global Mist event (either here or in a movie) that will put Skye and by association this team at the forefront of figuring out how to deal with all these new superhumans.
@eddy: I'd like to see that, too.

As for Skye's age, even 25 is a bit too young to take the reins of SHIELD. She may have gotten awesome, but she's still too inexperienced to have that level of responsibility. The point is, she's got some time, and her time as director of SHIELD is many years away. Coulson and May will not be displaced by her any time soon.
Ahhhh, very interesting (and cool). I am not one who knows a great deal about the MCU. Thanks Dusk!
Tonya J-Your welcome. Captain America Civil War shares it name with an event comic. In the comic Civil War Tony and Steve were leading two different sides of heroes against each other. Tony wanted all superhumans registered and trained by the government to prevent unknown rogues and inexperienced heroes from doing damage. Steve was against this as big organizations get corrupt and if the government knew every hero's identity none of them or their families would be safe.

The MCU doesn't have many secret identities (their will be a few in the Netflix shows) but a theory I've seen is their could be an influx of Inhumans as the catalyst for the MCU Civil War.

An Inhumans comic has recently started and is getting a big push from Marvel and has an Eyeless Guy! The thing with the Inhumans is they existed with powers before us and are far more advanced. They have their own nation in the comics and many of the new Inhumans are being recruited to them. In the MCU another nation of powered individuals would tie to Fury's fear of Asgard for example.

And a few things from the comic would tie well with the MCU. Most of the new Inhumans that could pass for normal choose not too because if they did then regular folk would think they are hiding something and grow suspicious. So most new Inhumans openly use there powers trying to convince normal's that we can all still live together. This fits with the lack of secret identities in the MCU and may also add to the tension causing Civil War.

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Dusk, do we know that Reader is eyeless? I haven't seen his face without those "glasses." Or are you talking about someone else in Inhuman?
I mean the Reader. Their is one or two other small guesses online but most popular is the Reader. He's new to the comics but with the push that series has been getting from Marvel, and the way the MCU influences the comics it's probably the connection. They'll probably lower his powers to fit more with the scope of a TV show like they did for Absorbing Man. More of the new Inhumans are likely on the way once more Mist is out. Kamala will probably be adapted as well, but they should maybe wait to establish Carol first so it will be a few years if they go that route.

Funnily enough, the SHIELD comic will introduce the show characters to the pages and it will have Skye, but they'll have to do their own take on her since Daisy already exists!

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