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December 16 2014

What the Agents of SHIELD's winter finale means for the MCU. Comic Book Resources speculates about how the Agents of SHIELD impacts story lines for the Marvel movies and how the company thinks about its characters in the comics.

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Interesting stuff on what Raina might be!
Is the part about Tallbot correct? I thought he was just shot by normal bullets but I may be remembering wrong. If I am, that's interesting. The comments there also suggest the Eyeless Guy might be a different Inhuman, Videmus.
Dusk, that is an interesting name, Videmus. If my memory serves, it is latin for "We see". It would seem this Reader is quite crucial to the Inhumans in the MCU. Also, how blind is he? Does he have heigtened senses similar to Daredevil. Also, he has a book in his hand, so I suppose that means he will be doing some Reading. Turning Reading into reality. As powers go that has to be one of the best ideas I've heard in a while.

I also like it a lot if Skye is now Quake-powered. I wonder if we will see her use the power in the show, or if she could cross-over to for instance Civil War. Chloe Bennet's face on a silver screen sounds awesome.

Also, I applaud the people who are putting the MCU and the comics together. This whole thing has a synergy and cleverness to it that is unprecedented in movie history, I daresay. In a sense, I think Marvel may have been forced to think new because of the legal limitations of the MCU, and I think it has turned out fantastic. I am ready for Inhumans.
alber-Not much is known about Reader, he was only created this year for Charles Soule's Inhuman book. The first trade, Genesis, is out now. It's clearly meant to kick off the new prevalence the Inhumans will have in the comics as they build up in the MCU. Reader works as a mercenary and also someone in charge of finding new Inhumans. He was blinded out of fears he'd be too powerful. He reads braille now. Oh another book that is crazy popular right now is Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson about Kamala Khan a Muslim teenager that becomes an Inhuman. I haven't read it yet, but it's supposed to be amazing and it's probably only a matter of time before some form of Kamala shows up in the MCU. Volume 1 No Normal is also out.

If Eyless Guy is Reader they may tone down his powers for the show like they did was Absorbing Man who has Hulk-level strength in the comics.

The theory for Avengers 2 is Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will be Inhumans as they can't be mutants or Magneto's children in the MCU. I'm not even reading the AXIS event comic, but it looks like the comic is preparing Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver to be more in sync when the movie comes out.

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