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December 17 2014

IGN interviews Joss Whedon on the Age of Ultron Set. "There's something terrible coming that you'll love." ScreenCrush, moviefone, superherohype, HitFix, and /Film also have the interview with him about the film.

Screen Crush also has a feature and interview with Joss. Looks like the press machine is rumbling into action.
I expect the embargo expired at noon Eastern, given the Google News search results right now. Everyone's written up the same group interview.
SO much Avengers news and SO little time! Can anyone point out the best interviews/links to check out? I obviously read the IGN one already since I posted it, haha.

I can't believe we still have to wait until May for this movie!!!
Steve Rogers himself, one of the better-looking Frankensteins of our era.

Oh, Joss.
Raggedy Man? Has Joss been watching Doctor Who?

Has he been seen in a bow tie?
Good interview, although it's really more akin to a press conference isn't it? My takeaways are:

* Despite the media blitz to date there are still some surprises in store. I may need to go into embargo mode on Avengers news

* Joss sounds fully engaged, fully vested in this story and these characters. That comment that he believes these are his own and has to be occasionally reminded otherwise was good to hear
The Avengers belong to all of us fans. Just not legally.
Great interview - c'mon May!

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