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December 17 2014

In Your Eyes now streaming on Netflix. The film has finally found its place in the Netflix library, but who knows for how long?

Yay! Now I can officially watch it. Thanks for updating this.
Saw this yesterday! Wonder how long it's been on there..
Also available for purchase on Amazon Instant Video streaming,
and I think available for rental there also.
Are there any plans to release this on DVD?
Doesn't look like it.
Thanks for sharing this - will have to check it out. Netflix has grown to be a bit of an unwieldly beast, so it's always nice to know a specific movie/show to search on
No DVD? That is really disappointing. It would be nice to add it to the collection before it slides into obscurity. Too many good indie films do that.
It's available on Netflix in Canada too.
Is it worth watching?
Re: DVD, yes there are plans, as per Brin Hill to our own NYPinTA on Twitter.
Just finished watching it. I really enjoyed it. It was very engaging.
Thanks for the heads up, I find Netflix really tough to search on my Smart TV. Watched it last night, a really charming little film.
Just watched it for the second time - probably second only to Cabin as my favourite Joss-scripted movie of recent years. I would also like a DVD to add to my Joss shelf.
Thanks a lot for linking the DVD tweet, The One True b!X, that made me very happy :D

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