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December 18 2014

A review of the Buffy Fanmeet with Eliza Dushku, Nick Brendon and James Marsters. It's a very good read with some nice tidbits from the actors' Q&As.

James tells the same stories wherever he goes, ha. I understand why he hated the AR so much to act but it always surprises me how unaware he seems to be of its importance, that Spike needed something major for the impetus to change to work. Actually saying he hopes the scene makes sense in the context of the show just illustrates an astounding lack of understanding of the character arc imo.
Probably the reason of this may be the constant refferences to him being "a method actor". So, he needs to go throw those emotions and this bother him too much.
Great read, thanks! Shangel's (the authors) reviews are very interesting and in depth. Worth reading also.
I just fell in love again. Thanks!!
Wow, I was just transported back to when we were all here, breathlessly waiting for the reviews to come in from Whedonesquers attending conventions around the world. This was *exactly* like that! How very very cool that time has only deepened the love for this amazing show, the actors, and once in a lifetime cast of characters. This was truly a sweet read.
This guy either has an eidetic memory or took constant notes!

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