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December 19 2014

Clark Gregg possibly teasing Avenger appearance on Agents of SHIELD? The actor's post elicits fan speculation on a certain Avenger popping up on the show.

Only if he's got a dog with him, hear me, Marvel?
I yelled "Hawkeye?!" Even before I clicked on the article. Man I hope this happens.
Huh. That wouldn't be too shabby.
And then someone tweeted back at comic book resources "Or maybe he just thought it was a cool image" and Clark retweeted that. I wouldn't read too much into it.
It would be cool.I think if any major Avenger appeared on the show,the most likely would be Hawkeye.Plus Jeremy Renner has already appeared on a Whedon show before.He was Penn in the Angel season 1 episode,"Somnambulist."
They could totally use AoS to explain where he was in Winter Soldier

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