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December 20 2014

'Veronika Decides to Die' to be released theatrically and on VOD on January 20th, 2015. The movie starring Sarah Michelle Gellar has been shot in 2008 and is finally getting an US release.

The US trailer is really misleading. This trailer fits better.

What the hell? the trailer is absurd, it makes it look like a thriller. What were they thinking? Still glad it gets a proper release, it's a beautiful film, and Sarah's best performance in a movie (with Cruel Intentions).
Thank you for posting the other trailer. I've wanted to see this for a long time. Looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar shines in this role (no surprise here).
This trailer looks terrible. I will take your word that the film is better.

ETA yeah the 2nd trailer is better.

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The cynic in me wonders if this movie is being released right now to leverage some potential association between the title and Brittany Maynard's story. Could be a total coincidence, I suppose, but the timing is curious.
I don't think it has been released in the UK either, but I did like the book. I read the book years ago because of Gellar's involvement in the film, so it's a little annoying that I haven't been able to see it yet.
Wow, saw it (and loved it) in theaters ages ago and even own a really cool DVD that let you choose between two covers.

I think it might be among SMG best work in a movie.
I thought it was a bad movie. The original book wasnt good either.
I just wanted to see one of the other works from Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist, finally adpted. It was spposed to be produced before VDTD, bt the owner of the movie rights, Laurence Fishburne, could'nt found it.
Numfar PTB - I totally agree, SMG was fantastic in the movie, I found her acting very emotional and compelling.

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That is wild. Those look like the trailers for two completely different movies.
Thanks for the second trailer. That's much better then the other trailer. I'm glad it's getting released on VOD.
I saw it back then around 2009 at a cinema. Having read the book, I understood it all, but I thought that without this background, a lot of the scenes might seem confusing or the viewer might not get it.

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