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December 24 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #10. Last issue of 2014!

I have Buffy # 10,"Day Off(Or Harmony In My Head)"

I thought this was a fun issue.I find the Harmony and Clem appearances tend to be nice fun breathers.Shouldn't of been a surprise that she would make a play to write stuff in the book and actually liked how Clem handled it.

Also enjoyed the bits with Buffy,Willow and Dawn in the spa and dealing with Vicki,Harmony and the Leprechaun.I did wonder where Giles was this issue.

I'll admit that there are certain elements I'm expecting not to like in the next couple of issues that the end of this issue is teeing up which I expected.We'll see what actually happens.

I'm going miss RI for the next three issues though.

Not sure yet what to make of what may be our big bads this season.
Sounds fun, will hopefully get mine this weekend. And there was no Angel & Faith this month, right?
DaddyCatALSO-There was an A & F. Lost & Found Part IV came out on Dec 3rd.
Really loved this issue! Season ten is building very nicely...!
Then what the heck is going on at my local store where I have a space in the hold box? (Admittedly, his main biz is buying gold and silver.) May need to TFAW again for the first time in a couple years:-)
My comic shop keeps getting shorted by Diamond and my comics arriving a week or two late. Thank God for digital comics.
Since when are leprechauns real in the Buffyverse?
If unicorns are possible then I have no issue with leprechauns.
The impression I got from the issue was that, unlike unicorns, leprechauns existed prior to any rewriting of the magic rules. But on several episodes of Buffy and Angel they'd had a bit of a running joke about the non-existence of leprechauns.

Obviously this makes Christos Gage history's greatest monster.
I never really took the Leprechaun to be a true Leprechaun. Just some sort of fantasy monster parading as one.
It was still in stock (he's been ill and not all hold boxes were maintained.) I really appreciate Clem and his saving my second favorite character from a world ruled by her own fantasies and for allowing the best of them to be true.
Clem is awesome. Yeah he's a kitten-eater, but still, awesome.
Guys... who is the Scultpor? I vaguely remember the drawing, but what story is that from? What are we supposed to know about him? I can't find him online.

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