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December 29 2014

Joss makes a generous donation to Kids Need to Read. It's in honor of Nathan Fillion, but don't be alarmed by that wording. He's still around.

My heart just skipped a few beats when I read "in honor of Nathan Fillion" as I was worried I might have missed some shocking news. Thankfully I was completely mistaken.
D-e-f-, I also had a heart stopping moment when they used the word "legacy" in the piece. Good grief, they should try not to make people faint when relaying awesome news eh?
I updated the wording so as to stop accidentally alarming people. :)
Thanks, Simon. Didn't mean to frighten anyone! Nathan is co-founder of KNTR.

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Hera, That was Sunfire who did the updating!

That was a very generous gift.
We're not all Simon. Although no one's ever seen us all together, so maybe.
No, we know that Caroline isn't Simon. Joss has seen them together. I've seen Zeitgeist and SoddingNancyTribe together and neither were Simon.
Thank you very much, Jossir! I have had the joy of working with these ladies at a couple of events and I know how much this organization means to them. Everything they do is to get books into the hands of children that need them. You are made of awesome!
Maybe Simon, Sunfire etc. are all just a bunch of Patton Oswalts in disguise.

But seriously awesome of Joss!
I think maybe we have discovered where the inspiration for the Patton Oswalds came from...?!? *stunned* *but it's so obvious* ;P
So, secret decoder ring time.... "in honor of X" means X is still alive. "in memory of X" means they're pining for the fjords.
jclemens Yeah but. What about when you "want to honor someone's memory"?

And to even further complicate things, you can "pay your respects" to someone recovering in the hospital.

Semantics aside, that was a very generous donation on Joss's part. YAY Joss! YAY Nathan! Yay Browncoats who made the foundation!
Go Joss!!! I'm grateful I saw the post after our intrepid cloned moderators updated the link.

And what a plot twist, clone moderators in the image of Patton Oswalt.
That's amazing, the gift that will keep on giving.

Nathan responded to the news:

That's so lovely. I wish more wealthy people would do stuff like this.
Joss is Boss. No doubt about it. Such a generous donation.
Thank you, Joss! So very much.

Edited to add:
Thank you to Hera for posting about it, it's much appreciated!

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Joss Whedon has been generous, those who are wealthy should do it all.Joss Reading is always important
(greetings from Italy)
Ooh! Pictures!

I have never seen any of the moderators together, though I have heard rumors that Zeitgeist is an actual person.

Joss uses his money for good, and not evil. 📚 📖 😃

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