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December 31 2014

Discover the secret origins of TV's 'Big Bad'. Marti Noxon talks to MTV News about how Buffy the Vampire Slayer came up with the phrase.

Like Star Trek the Original Series and "Red Shirt", or Happy Days and "Jump The Shark". Can anyone think of other phrases used to discuss television that can be traced back to one programme?
This is the kind of thing that is built on.
I always thought they got it from the "Big Bad Wolf"
I thought so too.

Maybe they did. He said that they were using it in the writers room before they used it in the show. He didn't say what made them start using it in the writers room.

It might even be one of those indirect things. Perhaps they started using it as "big, bad thing in the dark" because they liked the alliteration, without thinking about the fact that the children's story is what made it stand out in their heads. It's amazing how often something is bubbling around in our minds and comes out of the subconscious for a variety of reasons we can't even name.
I thought the article would also say something about Buffy implementing the idea of the season-long story arc with a Big Bad. Or perhaps other shows did it first?
Ronald_SF _WISeguy_ had half-season arcs, basically each one an extended episode.
They're not used ABOUT television mr_waterproof, but think of all the unforgettable phrases that Star Trek has contributed to our culture: "Space, the final frontier"; "To boldly go where no man has gone before"; "Beam us up, Scottie"; "Dammit I'm a doctor not a (fill in the blank)"; "Make it so"; and of course the immortal "He's dead Jim."
'...the immortal "He's dead Jim." '

Funny barboo. I see what you did there.

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