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December 31 2014

Happy New Year from Whedonesque! Things to look forward to in 2015 - The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the second half of Agents of SHIELD Season 2, more Buffy Season 10 comics, the release of Joss Whedon and Shawnee Kilgore's album and maybe news about Joss' next project?

Happy New Year to all and particularly to Simon and Sunfire who keep this place tidy.
I'll 2nd that Caroline! Also to look forward to - Can't Stop The Serenity's 10th year.
Wow. I completely forgot about the album.

Happy New Year, everyone! And welcome to all of the new members.
Happy New Year everyone, even though I still have 4.5 hours to go here!

Also Marvel's SHIELD comic this year as well.

Welcome newbies and thank you to our mods who are possibly in the mold of Patton Oswalt!
Joss just tweeted "2015 is the year I take a break. This is not a resolution. It's a desperate plea to my own psyche."
Considering that a good part of the year will be finishing up Age of Ultron, then publicizing it, I hope that 1/2 a year will be enough!
I still have 36 minutes in 2014, but Feliz 2015 to everyone.
Happy New Year to you all! Still hours away for me, but steadily approaching.

I'm looking forward to Joss's "break." Cos you just know that's when he's going to get all creative and surprising (even if we don't get to see the results right away).
Happy New Year everyone!
Ooooooh. Last time Joss took a "break" we got Much Ado About Nothing. Dare we hope for a Hamlet this time?
I took it to mean that we shouldn't be expecting anything from him! So who knows?
Happy New Year (in 55 minutes here), Whedonesqueteers!
My new years hope is that Dark Horse finds a group of people to make Serenity or Firefly an ongoing series!
If Dark Horse somehow got Joss even as guest writer on a Legend of Korra comic I'd probably have a geek happy faint.
Happy New Year everyone.
Happy New Year's you guys! Looking forward to many many more links, discussions, nerding out about all things wonderful and Whedon, and much more. :)
Happy New Year everyone. And from one of the newbies, massive thanks for opening up the membership again; looking forward to chatting with you all in 2015 and beyond :)
Best wishes to you all and a Happy New Year!
Happy 2015! So excited at the open registration! Thank you to the Mods for time and devotion to this site. Super happy to be a "newbie"!
Happy New Year everyone!!!! And without a doubt extra kudos and high fives to Simon and Sunfire.

I <3 this community. Welcome newbies to the best place on the internets.
Happy New Year, all!

I'll add my thanks to Caroline, Simon, and Sunfire for another year of devotion to this site and community. Thanks for all you do.

And welcome to the 2015 newbies!
Happy New Year Everyone! One of my favorite get away destinations on the Internets ... not only for the all the Whedon updates, but for all the people who provide and comment on them ... Here's to a great 2015!
Happy New Year!

My ears perked up at the "next project" comment - let's hope it is as unusual as so many of those projects have been because I'm already sure it will be wonderful!
Happy January 1, 2015. (First time I've used "2015"!)

My husband & I spent NYE re-re-re-watching "Serenity" - still grand, funny, tearful .... and I remembered watching it on opening night in the theater, all those years ago, and just how exciting it was!

... I hope Mr. Whedon gets his break, but I also hope he does something small and awesome, like last time ...

Welcome, newbies! This is such a fun place to be, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

onwards, into the new year
Jocelyn (Joss)
So many whedonesque-y goodness this year.

Thank you mods and fellow members who keep this place neat and update - RL doesn't disturb my fandom fix thanks to the black.
Happy New Year everyone! There are friends, then there are you fine people here. Thank you so much for the thoughts and wonders.

I'm sold, you're from Jupiter, fess up!
Happy New Year, all!
Belated Happy New Year to all you kindred spirits!
Adding to the things listed.
We do have the gorgeous Library Editions for Season 9 coming out this year, with four of the 6 volumes already available for pre-order via some retailers, I expect that their release might only conclude early 2016,though.

I'm still hoping that we might get one of these Library Collections for the Firefly / Serenity comics, announced to commemorate the 10 years of the movie release, even if we don't get more follow-up comics this year.
All told a pretty decent year, though not one I'd be looking to repeat. Here's to a great 2015 for everyone, and a solid chunk'a Whedony greatness! Love to all!
Happy 2015 from two days into it! Thanks fellow posters for keeping it interesting and thanks moderators for keeping it going!

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