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January 01 2015

New trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron to debut on ESPN. It will air during the College Football National Championship on January 12th at 8:30 pm.

Great to here.I was actually expecting the next footage to be with the Super Bowl so this is really nice.We should be getting a Ant-Man trailer soon too.There have rumors that might debut with the premiere of Agent Carter.

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ESPN? Seriously? That's all I'll say about that.
Right there with ya, libradude. So tired of execs thinking everyone has cable or dish.
It'll be on the 'net soon enough; seriously, I have cable and am not bothering to watch the College Football National Championship just to see the trailer.
It's likely to be the highest rated live broadcast in the month of January. Of course this is where they will debut it. It will be on YouTube within hours if you're not one of the over 100 million homes in the US that has ESPN. I'll watch it later because I'm working every angle to try to attend the game in Dallas. :) Go Ducks!
It's also worth noting that ESPN is owned by Disney. A fact they don't hide but rarely promote or make much effort to inform the public about. As IrrationaliTV said it will be a widely watched live broadcast that is made up of an audience that is not necessarily the typical Disney/Marvel fan but IS the demographic that will make up a huge chunk of the theatre-going audience. It's a brilliant move on Disney/Marvel's part, really; the advertising cost is absorbed by the fact that they own ESPN, maximum amount of exposure due to being aired during a live championship game, people who otherwise might not have seen the trailer or sought it out will now see it, those that are looking forward to it and were going to seek out the new trailer anyways will be able to do so likely anywhere online after it airs a mere few hours before (if even that much).

Now, all that said, I couldn't care less about sports of any kind LOL But boy am I excited to see what new footage we might get in this new trailer! I'd really love a glimpse at The Vision in action!!
Yeah - I'll be watching anyway, so excited I have two things for price of one to tune in for. Like to see:

*More Scarlet Witch, more Quicksilver
*More Ultron speechifying
*Vision (too soon?)

I'd guess we don't get Vision, but maybe a reaction shot of people looking at the Vision? Honestly, given all the promo art that's been made available I think it's kind of moot to keep him under wraps
Brand symmetry FTW! As for Ant Man, here's your trailer for the trailer (because this is how we live in 2015):
ESPN, huh?!
Ok, that is my reaction cause the only major sporting event I watch are the Winter Olympic Games.

Peculiar, but considering how last release went, there are probably strategy in place for:

1 - Avoid an illegal leak especially from the third parties hired / involved on the international marketing.

2 - High Quality release via official channels timed to happen co-currentely or around the time of the game like Marvel Youtube Channel so International and local viewers can share it and buzz away with it.
Personally, I'm pulling for Hydra to leak the damn thing early again. If its not being used to helpout AoS, just let me see it already.
Turns out Agent Carter is getting Ant-Man's trailer, though
ESPN has been advertising the hell out of Agent Carter which is great to see. I'm amused that anyone would be surprised that ESPN would be the perfect outlet for this. Sports fans and Marvel fans have way more overlap in that Venn diagram than some of you seem to think. And again, Go Ducks!!!
If enough trailers are released, we won't have to see the movie.
My new year's resolution is to avoid all AoU info until I see the movie. So, I'm not planning on seeing this.

Although planning is one thing and not clicking on that inevitable link is another.

*I will be worthy*
(By the way I am brand spanking newbie to posting in general so I apologize profusely about my grammar, spelling and general lack of blogger know-how despite reading the how- to's hints. I'm not a blogger-- yet.)

In response to user Quinn Merrick's earlier post about Disney owning ESPN, it is a fascinating thing that two such dominant companies actually play for the same team. In Orlando FL, on Disney's Boardwalk hotel property the ESPN cafe is filled almost every night year round down there. People are always confused and surprised to see the ESPN sports bar cafe in the middle of such a stuffed animal friendly zone.

Hey does anyone else think the first teaser's haunting song 'I've Got No Strings' will actually be in AoU final cut? It's a Disney owned song and Mr. Whedon seems to have a mild puppet fascination or fetish.

"Come on guys, there are children's lives at stake and I'm a puppet!"
Welcome, valentinacherry! Your grammar and spelling are excellent.

I also wondered if the song will be in the actual film. I'm not sure how it could be worked in, but if anyone can figure a clever way to do it, Joss is the one to do it.

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