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January 05 2015

Scarlett Johansson to star in DreamWorks' "Ghost in the Shell". 'Snow White and the Huntsman' director Rupert Sanders will direct from a script by Bill Wheeler.

I guess she is supposed to play the major? Might work. But I have my doubts about the director.
I have mixed feelings about "Snow White and the Huntsman". The story was a mess. Everyone seemed to think Snow White was a great leader, but she didn't do anything that seemed that great.

On the other hand, about halfway through, the film did get pretty good visually. Once the magical creatures started showing up, I really started to enjoy it on that level.

The writer doesn't look like he's done much, or at least not much that shows up on IMDB. The biggest thing on there is a few episodes of "The Cape", which was a show I liked but didn't love.
the biggest problem of Snow White and the Huntsman was the casting. I don't understand how someone picked Charlize Theron to be less beautifull that Kristen Stewart.

The Original Ghost in the Shell is very praised arond the world (not my fav), so she probably will get some bashing, nless Keanu Reeves' Akira is released before.
The best thing about Snow White & the Huntsman was Charlize Theron as The Queen (with sympathetic backstory, even!), but there was little else worth seeing there (the CGI animals all looked so fake to me, with maybe the exception of the crows/ravens). I went for Theron and Hemsworth (Ian McShane played one of the dwarves, but was wasted).

Bit surprised they're making a live action out of Ghost In The Shell. It's one of those films that impressed visually, but left me very cold otherwise. Akira I liked more, but again...mostly more style over substance. There're far better-written and even better voice-acted animé (starting with the obvious, the best of Miyazaki's stuff), though I don't feel the need to see them adapted with real people. Part of the magic in the first place is that they're animated. Oh well, gotta milk that cow for all it's worth--hope this turns out well, maybe it'll have me liking GitS more.

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