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January 06 2015

Patton Oswalt's 'Silver Screen Fiend' out today! Patton has been posting about the release of his new book on Facebook and Twitter which details his several year's obsession with film going that shaped him as a person and entertainer.

As he says himself if you cannot access Facebook: "IT'S HERE. Today's the day. I could not be happier or more excited. Here's where you can buy my new book, RIGHT NOW. Thank you, everyone..." At Simon & Schuster

Or, as he also says, "Bathe in my dulcet tones! BATHE!" via the audio book: Audio Book at Schuster

Also available at Amazon; Hardback and Kindle.

It's worth it, especially if you've ever spent more time trying to learn to do something than actually, you know, doing it. Posted my review here.
I read the Jerry Lewis excerpt, Patton's a really good writer.
Oh, you gotta go for the audiobook in this case. How could you not ? (exception: deaf people--I do think of ya'll)

C. A. Bridges, that resonates with me. Thanks for writing that review.

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