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January 07 2015

Jeremy Renner's "back in costume" message sparks speculation. Is he filming sequences for Avengers 2 reshoots or for something else?

What if he's
Or a former SHIELD agent, he's got wind of Coulson being alive?
I floated this theory after What We Become, but I feel pretty positive that "the other thing" Bobbi referred to is the Secret Avengers, and it would make perfect sense for Hawkeye to be running them--he did for a while in the comics.

The only hole in my theory? Secret Avengers came about after Civil War, not before.

EDIT: Also, since Avengers is doing reshoots & pickups this month, he could just be doing reshoots.

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If he thinks Coulson is alive, that would be a heck of an entrance. I wonder if Coulson is still sending him on missions, or whether he's gone underground like Black Widow, because all of his secrets are out.

Agent, I like your theory. But yeah, if Secret Avengers is after Civil War, there would have to be a lot of plot manipulation and revision for Barton to start the group before Civil War, and for Civil War to be the tipping point for it to be an official thing. But maybe they pull it off, and the story continues in Black Panther since it's rumored that T'Challa appears in Civil War.
I am not sure how the Secret Avengers would fit in to all of this. Although I've only read Brubaker's run plus the recent third volume, so I don't know the details about the Hawkeye-lead team. @Agent: care to elaborate?

Having said that though, I am fairly confident that the chronology of comic book events is not a reason to dismiss this theory. Remember that Civil War (comics 2006-2007, movie 2016) came long after Infinity War (comics 1992, movie 2018-2019). While Marvel Studios is pretty true to the essence of the characters, they are known to change details to make for a better cinematic experience (see also: the origin of Ultron). I think it is safe to assume they will be changing the order of many other events in the future. Also, remember that the Secret Avengers were formed in the aftermath of Dark Reign, not Civil War. Instead, Civil War resulted in the creation of the New Avengers team. (Interestingly, during Dark Reign S.H.I.E.L.D. was dismantled as it is currently in the MCU.)
I could easily see this tying into the Secret Avengers. In the aftermath of the fall of SHIELD the government forming a new covert organization to handle super threats sounds like a prudent action to take. And having that group infiltrate a known bastion of SHIELD to keep tabs on them would make a lot of sense. Bobbi using her previous relationships under the instruct of Hawkeye to monitor and report would be completely believable. Particularly if he heard from Talbot that someone calling themselves Phil Coulson was alive and leading a splinter cell of SHIELD.

The underlying story works very well, it just takes some tinkering with the origins of the group.
Well, I don't actually know much about the Avengers (always thought of them as the also-rans of the Marvel Universe... hey! I love 'em now), but I am aware that there is a thing called Secret Avengers, and my theory is that Stark/Cap/Natasha/Hawkeye all know that SHIELD isn't really going away, and started the Secret Avengers to keep tabs on whatever SHIELD is up to now (basically making the Avengers the new SHIELD, i.e. unchecked police power). I figure it would lead-in nicely to the Ultron story, and pave the way for Skye, Bobbi, and probably Coulson to all cameo in Age of Ultron (somebody needs to teach Skye how to use her superpowers), which I feel pretty positive is going to happen based on absolutely nothing but hunches.

I looked up on wiki to see that Hawkeye led the Secret Avengers for a while because of course he did. That's a very Hawkeye move (seriously).
Jaimie Alexander hinted on her Facebook page several days ago that she was also filming something "Lady Sif" related. She was in New York at the time (which was a little odd), but Clark Gregg also happened to be in New York at the same time. Coincidence? Related? Interesting, in any case.
Let's not forget Marvel One-Shots.
My head is exploding!
Interestingly, the two posts hinting at Jaimie Alexander filming more Lady Sif footage are no longer on her Facebook page, but they can still be seen here. Wonder what's up?

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