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January 07 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith Season 10 #10. It's the final part of the "Lost and Found" arc.

Just read the issue.




Can't wait for more people to read so I can talk about it. So for now I'll leave it at OMG!
I also came to say: OMG! :)

I was expecting this since season 9 of Buffy, glad to see it happened.

I'm happy with how Faith and Riley departed, and I think that is a really good look for Amy.
While it was a fantastic reveal, for now all we have is one panel and Angel's guess. Doesn't mean it's actually Fred.

There are a number of possibilities:

1 - Illyria survived the events in the Deeper Well but has decided (for whatever reason) that she wants to remain hidden.

2- Illyria survived but the only form she can take is Fred's.

3- Illyria survived but her "soul" (for lack of a better word) or form was split into 2 - so we have Fred back, but Illyria is out there too


4- Illyria didn't survive, but whatever happened in the Deeper Well led to Fred's return. It could really be her.

I'm very excited to find out!

And factor Koh into this and the sh*t will be hitting the fan pretty soon!
My theory:

* When Illyria took Fred's body originally, Fred's mind and personality and soul merged with Illyria's, rather than being extinguished as the bad guys claimed (in order to dissuade Team Angel from trying to get Fred back).

* Illyria dominated Fred's personality (Old One trumps Science Nerd), so Fred had no self-awareness or agency at this time. This also prevented Illyria from perceiving Fred within her (in After the Fall).

* After Illyria was drained of power by the Siphon, she was not destroyed (as she expected) because Fred's soul took over and kept her alive when the magic failed. Illyria suspected something like this when she told Koh that she didn't think it was magic keeping "the shell" alive anymore.

* The explosion in the Deeper Well at the end of season 9 destroyed Fred's original body and left Illyria incorporeal for a time... but still carrying Fred's soul and mind along with her.

* The new Seed of Wonder detonating right in her face restored her magic and gave her the ability to either create or take a new body, and she used her shapeshifting power to give the body the familiar form of Fred.

* Only now Fred is self-aware and conscious, and confused because she's now sharing a body with Illyria (also confused). That's why she's dressed like Fred instead of like Illyria.

* We will now be treated to a wacky roommate comedy as Felix and Oscar try to work out shared custody of a body they both control now, until Andrew can make a robot body for one of them.

This has been My Theory.

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Those last few issues of Buffy season 9, had Illyria acting more Fred-ish. At the time I was thinking of a Ben-Glory type thing with Fred-Illyria.

I really like your theory Andrew, and I'm leaning towards faith in Angel's 3 & 4 possible explanations for Fred/Illyria's reemergence.
@hpgwbtvs Either of those would be my preferred choice too!
I have my copy of Angel & Faith # 10,"Lost And Found Part V of V."

Overall I liked the issue.I thought the conclusion to both Faith's story and Angel's story were well done.

On the Faith side,I really liked her talk with Riley and the setup for why she will return to London.

The Angel side was also pretty good.I liked Amy's reaction to getting Nadira instead of Willow.I do wonder if Amy will be de-ratted again later in the season but the thing between Nadira and the magic in Magic town is strange.

As for the last page reveal of Fred.I'm really torn.On the one hand,I don't want anymore dead characters brought bacl.I know the Illyria situation gives more room to play with these ideas but I also don't want a repeat of After The Fall since that was already done.So I'm sort of in a position of not being for a true return of Fred insome fashion or something like After The Fall.I'll wait and see.

I've enjoyed the first part of the season for Angel And Faith in its tone and slow burn.Very different from last season which I loved.But I am glade Angel and Faith will be in the same town again now.Keeping them separated had a limited shelf life in a Angel & Faith monthly.The first 10 issues in a 30 issue season feels about right.

Fred was my absolute favorite character on Angel (and Cordelia) so having her return is marvelous to me!! I really hope this sticks, because Fred adapting to life after the events of Angel Season 5 would be a great storyline.
It's funny the general reaction I am seeing everywhere has been "OMG"

I would appreciate a story where we find out that Fred's soul was not destroyed. For me that was a step too far and having been teased by Angel : After the Fall, that maybe a remnant of Fred had survived, only to find that it hadn't was rather sad. I wouldn't want that to be the story again, even though spike's attempts to save Fred were rather poignant.
I'm on the OMG wagon!

I can't believe Fred's back (IF she actually is).

I wish I didn't need Angel to tell me that was Fred to actually recognize her. At first I thought it was Faith...

On the other hand, do you think Mai should be a keeper?
Uete, I think in the next issue where you get to see her for more than one panel, you'll see it more recognizable as Fred. I mean in real life, in a general sense of being two young, long haired brunettes, the actresses do have a passing resemblance anyway. And for my money the artwork in this season has been the best we've seen in any of the Angel or Buffy series in terms of capturing great resemblances of the original actors and actresses. So maybe we've actually been spoilt by that a bit.

I'm really loving this series so far, and this was definitely another great issue. Loved it!
I think we were supposed to think it was Faith. So maybe that's why she was drawn that way. Conrad is very good with likenesses so I don't think there will be a problem there.

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