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January 08 2015

Edward James Olmos joins Agents of SHIELD! This is great news! So say we all!

Fantastic addition, love that guy. He has such great presence, warmth, humor, and if desired, menace.
Maurissa and Jed have already made some terrific casting choices, but Olmos blows everyone else out of the water. I can't wait for March to get here.
Oh the !
That is wonderful news. The man's so dang competent.
And the BSG actors continue to trickle in to Whedon projects. Who is next? If I may have some input... :)
"Olmos blows everyone else out of the water."

Actually I would say Lucy Lawless blows everyone out of the water, but we know how that turned out sadly...
"Actually I would say Lucy Lawless blows everyone out of the water, but we know how that turned out sadly..."

It was great seeing her too, and I wish she and Brad Dourif could have stayed around longer. Granted the very nature of Dourif's role prevented that in his case, but still. I have hope we'll see Amy Acker and Peter MacNicol again though.
This news gave me geekbumps!
Maybe he'll have some deep conversations with Coulson like Adama did with Tigh.
ETA: I still can get over this. This is the best news since... well... it's just amazing!

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Kudos to whoever oversees casting - between the additions of Adrianne Palicki and Kyle MacLachlan, along with Lucy's guest turn, and now Blair and Edward James they've really hit some home runs this year. Well done.
>> "Actually I would say Lucy Lawless blows everyone out of the water, but we know how that turned out sadly..."

But do we really know how that turned out?
How many times has Lucy died and definitely/possibly found a return ticket?

Hercules: As Darkness Falls
Xena: The Greater Good, Destiny, Been There, Done That, Ides of March, Send in the Clones, When Fates Collide, Friend In Need
Burn Notice: False Flag
Sparticus: Kill Them All, Wrath of the Gods
Galactica: Downloaded, A Measure of Salvation, The Eye of Jupiter, Revelations
Justice League: The New Frontier

Killing Lucy can only slow her down (and make her really pissed off).
I propose that we have not seen the last of Izzy Hartley.
Yeah, I was all whaaaaaaat - hooray! Then I just wanted Coulson, Crazy Kyle and Olmos to just sit and chat!

Any chance he's a sleeper character tie for A2? He's a pretty big name.
Wow, just when you think they can't top themselves much more . . . well, this is just so cool!
Awesome! I remember him when he was a hot, young unknown. Now he is this!
So what are the odds Joss directs an episode this season now, just to get to work with Olmos?
WHAT. Just when I think their casting choices can't get better!
They've done a lot of dream casting of people who end up dead. I wonder how he'll go.
I hope that he's not Hydra's next head!
I hope Bear McCreary does something really clever here.
Yes! I hadn't that thought of that. That would be a great injoke.
Oh, that would be amazing. Maybe he can sneak in a quote from "Wander my friends.":-)
That would be a great in-joke, indeed!

This is fantastic news. Have always loved Olmos as an actor, and I was a big BSG fan, as well.

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