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January 11 2015

The Agents of SHIELD cast say goodbye to an actor and his character. Spoilers if you've not caught up on the first half of season 2.

They seem to really enjoy working with him! They have to be careful with how they play the resurrection card but it is based on comic books so maybe, but he would stand pretty well as this show's Doyle unless...#TrippIsTheNewDarla.

Oh and also Supernatural will be moving to Wednesdays around the time this comes back so it may draw in some fans who had a time conflict like I did.
Maybe Tripp is a new version of Invisible Man, who was part of the Howling Commandos.
He was so cool, but I understand why he was way under utilized and ultimately killed. Still sad though!
I like the theory on tumblr about he became Hollow (an Inhuman). While Hollow is a villian, I could see them adapting his powers but make him a good guy.

But that's just cause I refuse to believe he's dead. #triplives
Three words: Life Model Decoy.
Whose YouTube channel is that ? It looked official, but then upon closer inspection appears to be fan-made. Who are the folks involved in the after-show ? The "About" section provides no illumination.

Either way, cool farewell vid ! Looks like a fun set !

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